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Updates about the story and info. 
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Updates and other info about the story, plus more openness on my end. For example a video that would explain why I wrote something a certain way or something I wrote in the past, Q&As, ect. More about me that might help explain some of the stuff in the story. 
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I feel like this has to be it's own thing because characters are a HUGE part of a story. "Duh Lexi" everyone ever. Ok ok I'll get to the point. This will show character bios, images, it will even have personal letters from the character/s to you, anything that more personally involves the characters. 




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Hi, I'll make this short, I'm a quite, boring and a small person. I playing video games, watching cringe videos on YouTube & I like cats. But I really love writing. One of the many things I was told I wouldn't every be any good at because of my dyslexia. I think they where wrong, I'm pretty good at it and I hope you think so too.

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