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Welcome to the home of the Aliyah Mystery School.

Aliyah is a Hebrew name that means ‘one who is ascending’ or ‘to ascend’ - and this is exactly what this space is designed for.


This is a space for those who are ready to fully embrace and explore the peaks of human potential. Their human potential.

This is a space for all who feel and intense aversion to ‘normal’ life.

This is a space for those who have spent their entire lives - or a good chunk of their lives - feeling completely incapable of being or doing what was expected. For those who have tried with all their might to live as family, friends and society have dictated - always winding up getting burnt out, broken, depressed, lost having to regroup and restart over and over again.

This is a space for those who know there’s more. More to life. More to themselves. More to the experience we are capable of having here.

This is a space for all who have felt the call to something deeper - who have been pulled into dark emotional turmoil, who have faced the fear of knowing they couldn’t live how everyone else was living, but who had no idea how to live any other way. This is a space for those who are DONE with the limits of society, and are ready to take full responsibility for their lives and the outcomes of their lives.

This is for those who’s bodies and minds won’t cooperate with normal life.

This is for those who have seen and touched God, and want to know how to make this a way of LIFE - not a come and go experience.

This is a space for the mystics. The empaths. The awakening ones who are feeling uninspired and unsupported by traditional spiritual paths/the new age religion.

This is for all the awakening souls who are looking for a home.

What you will find here is knowledge and information. This wisdom is both old and new, all pulled from reality itself.

This is spirituality in the 21st century. This is not fancy theory that has no application. This is not rainbows and unicorns and fairy tarot cards. This is not endless hours of meditation or spiritual sessions that leave you feeling and living how you have always felt and lived. This is not outdated teachings that have no application to the modern world.
This is about breaking through.

This is about integrating conditioning, learning about the true self, learning about the true laws of the reality and learning how these factors all combine to create the singularity that is YOU. This is about self realization, that leads to the capacity to create LIFE. True life. Real life. Awake life.

In the Aliyah Mystery School you will have access to:

- All past Patreon Meetings (49 in total so far) and all future meetings.
- 90+ Exclusive Mystery School Videos.
- The FULL Deep Tissue Cleansing Curriculum - which is really a full curriculum for Mastery, which includes over 50 videos, a 500 page document and countless exercises, meditations and other tools to help you grow.
- The FULL How To Awaken To Reality Curriculum - a program designed to help you DEEPLY connect with your past trauma, so that you can LOVE these wounded parts of you into MATURITY. Some call it inner child work, others call it shadow work, others PTSD recovery, others call it spiritual awakening or emotional mastery. Whatever you want to call it is up to you! 
- Additional documents with tools and resources of mental/spiritual/emotional mastery.
- Access to all future content.

This material will serves as your ever evolving course curriculum. It will be your jumping off point, your inspiration point, your place to explore the ideas and concepts that are so key and vital to this awakening journey.

In this work I will explore with you:

  • Deep tissue cleansing.
  • True shadow work.
  • Practical integration tools.
  • MATURING the traumatized inner child.
  • How to learn.
  • How to integrate so you can transcend.
  • How to access your fullest potential.
  • How to move from victim to empowered co-creator.
  • Mystical traditions.
  • How to create a life evolved from your conditioning.

What you will not find here is hand holding, individualized coaching or babysitting. This work is to be taken on from a fully adult perspective. You are here because you want to become your truest and highest self, and you are aware that you and only you can make that happen.

I cannot give you the answers to how this material applies to you.

I cannot tell you what you should or should not implement at this time.

I cannot tell you what you should be getting from this information.

I cannot tell you what the universal means for your relative.


This is a place for you to learn how to do this for yourself. How to take in information that is confusing or over your head right now, and how to sit with it. How to process it. How to take the universal principles and apply them to your relative life.

This is a MASSIVE and important key.

You will be given the space here to figure this stuff out for YOURSELF. There will be plenty of times you feel scared, overwhelmed, detached from the information or like you are lost or highly triggered. There will be times when all you want is for someone to give you the answer you are looking for. For someone to explain the concepts for you in a way that is relative to you and your life. This is good. This is key. Learning to face these situations and go WITHIN rather than looking for the answer WITHOUT is an essential principle in the waking up journey.

This space will provide this.

You will have your community and your teacher, but you will be the one who is solely responsible for yourself, what comes up for you and for finding the answers you seek.

I will give you the universal. YOU will be responsible for piecing together the relative.
This is for the serious aspirants who want to face their own darkness, the mysteries of this world and who are ready to face these things head on knowing the only way to truth is through embracing all things. Who are not afraid to discover the truth - and who are willing to live within the bounds of truth even if that means living a totally different life.

This is for those who are ready to take FULL responsibility for their own lives. Their bodies. Their minds. Their souls.

No guru followers. Only masters awakening.

If you sign up to this school, you are waiving all rights to project onto anyone in the group. You are fully owning that this is YOUR life, and your responsibility. You are aware that you will be exposed to very powerful information, and you are claiming that you and only you have the power and authority to decide what you do with it. You are stepping out of the role of student, out of the role of child, out of the role of follower and into the role of Master. By signing up for this group, you are claiming that you are the master of your own ship, that you will take what serves you, that you will leave what doesn't. That you will try what calls to you, and that you will abandon what does not work for you. You are fully owning your journey now. You are ready to stop looking outside for the answers and for anyone to blame, and to own that you have the keys within yourself - you just need a little reminder.

You are ready to own your journey.

If this sounds like music to your soul, I am so happy to have you.

Let’s awaken together.

This is a self led curriculum, and you can join at any time. Feel free to go through the materials at your own pace.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 400 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 400 exclusive posts

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