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About KristKC

I'm a digital freelance artist! I've been drawing all my life and enjoy using my art to make living and to make people happy. I enjoy doing commissions but also wish I had time to do some of my own projects. With your support maybe I can bring some of my own imagination to life!

Portfolio Site
Streams: YouTube | Twitch | Picarto
Art Sites: FurAffinity | DeviantArt: Human/Furry
Other: Twitter | ToyHouse | Neon Glow Webcomic

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✨ Personal Project Ideas ✨
These unlock at Goal 3. I would would on one of them the help of NeonWing Bladers.
There is a chance I might do two, not sure yet.

Revival of Neon Glow Webcomic
If I were to bring back the Neon Glow webcomic. I would ether continue about where I left off, or remake the whole comic from scratch. The current comic is not formatted for print so there is no way to print physical copies of the comic. If I were to remake the series, I would personally feel better about the comic and make changes I feel should happen. Some of the things changed would be a more cyber punk feel to the night time and a bit more edgy-ness to the neons. I'm pretty happy with the romance side of Neon Glow.
See Characters

Star Ship 77 Webcomic
This comic never got off the ground and sense I have reworked the story. Basic idea is a space comic featuring my fersona and characters. Many adventures and fun moments.
See Characters

Krist Fursuit
I'm unsure if I can make my suit due to my fur colors there are ways to get around this, but I can't afford it. If this project is selected I would look into getting custom fur and and stream me making the whole suite. I may then use the suit for videos or have it on for streams.
See Character

I don't have a set idea in mind for what to animate so I may animate to some music to start off.

Things that could be worked on are other comics such as a merman comic, I have two possibilities there. Then maybe Alkseeya Power comic that features characters turning into dragons. It's a more edgy comic and one I came up with when I was younger.
I could also do some more video type things for YouTube, lets plays, tutorials or whatevers.
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