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Hey geeks! You have just stumbled upon our official All Ages of Geek Patreon, where you guys can get Early Access Content, behind the scenes, FULL Watch-Along content, access to the All Ages of Geek Discord Server and Exclusive 5 HOUR Events, be featured on the Instant Geek Podcast, The Shounencast and a few of our podcasts, and so much more. You are now known as the Instant Geeks. So get ready for your weekly and monthly perks. There's a lot in store for you!

Important to Note: All Ages of Geek's Patreon is PAY UP-FRONT which means if you have recently pledged and want to avoid being charged double, be sure to repledge when the pay cycle is finished from the 1st-5th of the month. In your Exit Survey, be sure to leave a note stating that you unpledged due to the Pay Up-Front feature. This is ONLY important for NEW Patrons and won't impact older patrons at all.


Sunday Mornings: 

Fairy Tail
Dragon Ball
Sword Art Online
Hunter X Hunter
One Piece

Monday Mornings:

Steven Universe
Avatar the Last Airbender


Monday Mornings:

My Hero Academia 
More Coming Soon!

The most popular tier is the $10 Tier!

Early Access
You will get early access to ALL of our content! That's weeks to even months in advance than anyone else. 

12 to 24 Episodes PER WEEK!
Access 12-24 Episodes every week of anime, shows, cartoons and all different types of reaction series. 

 LIVE Watch-a-Thons & Events
Every Thursday is PATRON DAY! For 5 HOURS PER WEEK, we watch shows and play games together.

 Shout Outs
If you pledge $10 or more you will be listed on the credits of EVERY video on the channel. Credits update every 5th of the month if your pledge goes through.

Awesome roles on our Discord AND on our upcoming Community Section on our website. Patrons will also get a special ONE TIME badge depending on their Tier Level on the website that allows them to access certain parts of the site that are Patron Exclusive. 

Instant Geek Podcast
Patron-Only Podcast featuring the AAOG Crew AND you guys! COMING SOON!

Instant Geek Streams
Be invited on our multiplayer streams like Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and more!

 Founders & Producers
You guys will help build the AAOG Website to how YOU want to see it. You will also be getting access to certain parts of the website where only patrons can access even after beta testing. As patrons, you'll be listed on the site under the Founders & Producers Community Section. COMING SOON! 

You Are Funding Editing Fees
You Are Funding New Equipment
You Are Funding New Series

You Are Funding New Games
You Are Funding Production
You Are Making this Vision Possible (Seriously it wouldn't be possible without you)
You Are Helping Spread Positivity, Love and Nostalgia in all Geeky Fandoms
 You Are Building the Community

Geek culture is what brings the world together. Despite our differences in race, religion, sexuality and background one thing is certain about geek culture, it unites us. All Ages of Geek's mission isn't just to entertain, it's to unite the geeks of all ages as part of an interactive community. No matter where you are in the world if you are a geek and proud of it, if you are respectful and kind you are welcomed at All Ages of Geek. So rise geeks, rise and stay weird, stay wonderful and stay awesome my friends. - Kat
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If we reach this goal there will 18 REACTION EPISODES PER WEEK ON PATREON! This means 6 episodes every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Around this time YouTube, the website, Patreon and Twitch will be our ONLY focus which means more of your favorite content every week and more community perks.
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