is creating Zoria and the Cursed Land, a metroidvania indie game.
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Current Patron Build | Current Public Build

Enter the mysterious world of Sphelia, full of unexplored lands, extraordinary
creatures and treasures already forgotten.

Zoria and the Cursed Land takes place on a mysterious island covered by an eternal fog that harbors unimaginable horrors. Stories tell that everyone who dares to pass by is swallowed by it.

Play as Zoria Dunne, the Cheerful, strong, carefree and impulsive half-orc. Eager to explore the world since she
was little.

She uses her strength to overcome the obstacles that arise.

You wake up alone in a dusty cell, separated from your friends, without knowing where to go. Exploring you will find a city, surrounded by high walls, inside, life and prosperity abound.
In the city you will discover that many others, like you, were dragged along the island and separated from their loved ones. And, sometimes, they never see them again.
Taking advantage of your superhuman physical qualities you will have an advantage to explore areas that humans cannot. and discover what is happening on the island.

Zoria has weight in all her actions, moving, jumping or hitting takes time. So you will have to learn to use that weight for your own benefit.

While exploring, you will find numerous blocked roads, which you will not be able to cross until you have the necessary tool or skill.

These tools can be improved, for the right price, improving the tools is a great advantage, since the uses of these are mostly limited.

One of the most important things is your soul meter, when you die, you will pay the price of losing part of your soul to return to life. If you lose your whole soul, you will not be able to return. But you can restore it to soul sources.

It is said that the monsters were born because The Ancients corrupted Sphelia's energy, as a form of the planet to defend itself.

Today monsters are only living beings that try to survive like many others. However, on the island you will find monsters created by mysterious forces, formed of pure dark energy, empty shells that roam, looking for a prey.

Current Patron Build | Current Public Build
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Total Completion (30%)


Story (5%)

Dialogue and cutscenes.

This needs more world design to progress.

World Design (4%)

Tutorial area almost finished. About to start with the rest.

NPC & Quests (7%)

Only a few NPCs have been made. x1 quest completed.

Monsters (15%)

Many have unfinished sprites. Currently x12 fightable enemies. (x7 on Public Demo.)

Music and SFX (10%)

Music and SFX in general isn't even started. (Waiting for a future.) But Zoria voice is official.

Core System (90%)

Menus in general are almost done. Map is in progress.

Combat System (80%)

I'm happy with the combat system, but may be adding more
kinds of attacks and skills.

Inventory (25%)

The mechanics are done, but need to create most of the objects.
Usables: 17%
Items: 25%
RIngs: 35%
Key Items: 0%

$356 of $550 per month
This this I can affort hiring more Voice Actors to improve the game, Music and SFX.

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