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AllFurRadio was founded by Markus Damone on 23 September 2006 to provide an alternative to existing media within Second Life and the furry fandom at large.
AFR made its first broadcasts in the game of Second Life and received most of its initial support from the furry sim cluster known as FurNation. AFR then attempted to branch out over the next year into the game known as Furcadia and to the sim clusters of Ryder and Lost Furrest in Second Life.
AllFurRadio was known for its regular visits to conventions, starting with Anthrocon in 2007, and continuing 2008 and 2009. AllFurRadio usually broadcast from Fernando's cafe to the con-goers. AllFurRadio also made appearances at Further Confusion and Rocky Mountain Fur Con, the latter of which AFR states is its 'home' convention.
AllFurRadio's management announced that as of August 29th 2010 the station had stopped broadcasting for a short while. Furthermore they added that the station was looking to resume the following year, working with new and former staff, as well as their listener base to remodel its operations and programme, pending a re-opening. Fans were encouraged to participate via contacting the CEO, or joining the station's official Teamspeak Server.
August 2017: After five years of radio silence rumors began to spread that AllFurRadio was streaming again. Logos shortly began popping up around SecondLife and FurAffinity, then a Facebook page was created. A new AllFurRadio Listener channel was created in Discord, soon after other methods of contacting the furry community as a whole were established. Markus Damone, the founder and CEO began establishing connections with former AFR staff, and hiring brand new talents.

We have started a full ad campaign for staffing, and soon our website will be completed.
$55 of $1,500 per month
at $ 1500 a month we will be able to move more smoothly as a company this will cover over head and put money in the account for conventions.
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