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I will post thumbnails for Tigress Queen and Far to the North as I finish them here (sans dialogue), along with other WIPs.

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I will post finished Tigress Queen and Far to the North comic pages here along with any other SFW goodies!

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(This tier is temporary while folks transition to the other tiers)



About Allison Shaw

My name is Allison Shaw, and I draw comics! My projects include Far to the NorthTigress Queen, and Persephone. I am also working on a new Patreon-exclusive comic: Eros and Psyche.

Far to the North follows a young woman named Kelu as she braves the perils of her remote mountain home to save her captured family from outsiders. It is currently on hiatus while I work on other projects and redo old pages to prepare for a print release.

Tigress Queen is about a barbarian warlord and a pampered prince trying to avoid a marriage alliance that could bring an end to a war that has lasted for decades. The site updates every Friday but new pages go here the moment they're finished.

Persephone is my take on the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. It was my first Patreon-exclusive comic and thanks to the wonderful people who supported me while I worked on it here, I was able to turn comics into my full time career! After a successful Kickstarter campaign I was able to put it into print and now both the book and PDF are exclusively available on the Hivemill for those interested.

Eros and Psyche, similarly to Persephone, is my own take on the famous Greek myth of the same name. This one will be a bit uh... *cough* steamier *cough* than my other comics, so mature readers only please!

Poisoned, to be released later, will be about a holy mage named Gloriana who hunts down fairy-tale-flavored evil with the help of an impish shadow named Oleander.

>>> I am currently trying out a new work schedule where I will work on batches instead of going back and forth between all of my comics every week. Best case scenario I will have enough pages ready in every batch to keep the websites updating until that comic comes back into rotation. It will take me a while to get everything rolling again, so I appreciate everyone's patience while I check things off my list! (Please give me some time to move old rewards around to their new respective tiers)

The new tier levels will be as follows:

$1 - Works In Progress, giving you access to thumbnails (sans dialogue) of Far to the North and Tigress Queen pages as I finish them, plus WIPs of other odds and ends.

$3 - First Look, giving you access to finished pages of Tigress Queen and Far to the North as I finish them, plus all other SFW art.

$10 - Eros and Psyche, which will give you access to full chapters of Eros and Psyche plus all other NSFW art.

The $5 and $15 tiers will be removed once everyone has had a chance to choose their new tiers. I don't want to simply nix them without warning because I don't know how that will affect the people on those tiers. Patreon can be kinda wonky sometimes.

Thank you all so much for your support!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 796 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 796 exclusive posts

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