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Thank you for contributing to the dream, with this Patronage you get a chance to contribute to the live chat once a week and to be a part of this community as well as behind the scenes videos and images from projects I'm working on thanks to your contributions!

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Thank you for contributing to the dream, with this Patronage you get a chance to contribute to the live chat once a week and to be a part of this community.

In addition, you get access to clips from live shows both old and new before they get posted on instagram (if they ever get posted). 

You'll also get access to Spades, a show that will only be available on patreon (though shorter/edited clips will be posted on Youtube).




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About Allison Johnson`

Taken from the IMDB Page:
"Allison Johnson is a stand up comedian, actress and writer based in New York City. She recently won the 360 Stand Up Comedy Festival award as "Best Newcomer" and "Audience Favorite". She has performed stand up in some of the most popular comedy clubs. Such as Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, The New York Improv, The Miami Improv The Comedy Cellar and The Comic Strip.

Allison was one of three host of the number #1 radio gospel station "Let's Talk Money" on 1680AM WOKB Radio in Orlando. She currently working on her one woman show, about the life of Moms Mabley . Allison Johnson has several film projects she created in development. Including "One Hell Of A Day" and the crime comedy "Mona Baby", which she both wrote and will star in." Written by Glenn McBride Jr.

Allison Johnson was born and raised in New York City where she quickly made a name for herself as the ‘raise your glass’ female comedian. Her professional career as an educator was a career choice, however her gift and raw talent was a natural calling that kept knocking. ( >.> Humble. - Son)

As dreams would have it, Allison answered the door and after one open mic night, she was booked to do a full show for the renowned Comic Strip Live and the offers kept coming. Soon Allison would move away from formal education and begin educating her audience with funny undertones and scripts that left you laughing but thinking.

Being a humanitarian and educator, Allison now used her platform to promote causes for children and battered women. Allison introduced the art of writing scripts to empower women to regain their dignity and to write their way out of an abusive lifestyle. Allison believed that when you cannot talk about it, you can always write about it.

Allison is an admirer of Moms Mabley and will from time to time work out one of them quotes that just takes you into another zone, she has also perfected her One Woman Show that is in hot demand. 

I, her son (Gerald Green), decided that teach her what a Patreon was and the fact that you, her glorious fans, would be willing to donate a dollar a week to projects and shows for behind the scene and recordings of live shows that you all can't go to because you're either out of state or busy at the time.

I'll be editing the page, adding the rewards and making sure she sends me the things you all want to see. Amongst the normal comedy postings will be pictures, photoshoots, behind the scenes at movie/show recordings, and exclusive things like Youtube live once a week to answer questions and to talk to fans. Polls will be posted so that you can control the flow of the conversation, from Politics, Fashion, Life in New York, and etc.

Some months will have swag for top patrons!
Some months will have swag for everyone!

I'll try and make the content interesting so its worth you guys time.

For which I thank you for. :D

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