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The times that God has pushed my hand to write or led me to speak, I have loved doing my best to tell my story and tell it true to show the hand of God in my life, what HE is capable of.

I love writing and speaking (mostly) but I have found that they are often so... solitary.

And I’ve learned I really love a team.

I don’t know about you, but when I read about giftedness, the talents he’s given us to use and multiply, it’s been a bit of a head scratcher for me. Figuring out how to serve, how God is asking me to give back is no small task. It doesn’t help that I’ve spent my life thinking my gifts don’t matter because I can’t sing or dance. Babies cry and dogs howl when I sing, and when I dance people think I’m kidding. As I’ve prayed through finding my purpose, I’ve started to hear back that my biggest talents aren’t things to do on a stage, but my most important talents are the people I am surrounding myself with, who God has put in front of me to love. I’ve come to believe that my biggest talents are my friendships. My biggest talent is you. The women in my life. 

So podcasting, Sinner Saint Sister became, for me, an opportunity to give the microphone to the Saints among me who aren’t grasping for one— without fanfare they are living their lives, fulfilling their callings, serving their people with such humility and wisdom. We all have an intricate story and how we’ve lived life deeply, matters. On Sinner Saint Sister we gather together and tell all the details and hope to bring people along with us as we do. These conversations bring clarity to my life. They help me live it in a more holy way. Everyone is a Saint and a Sinner. No one that comes on is perfect. We’ve been hurt and wounded and we’ve hurt and wounded others. No one is a professional on the topic they are discussing. They are just sharing their life and doing their best to see God clearly. We commune together knowing that we will never ever be holy enough. Not on our own. Together, amidst the imperfections of our lives, we sit down and try to reconcile our sinfulness with our godliness, our Sinner and Saint, our dust, our Divinity, to live in identity that is always struggling between good and evil. And there’s something about doing it together, as sisters, about being in communion with one another in this intimate way that I am certain proclaims the gospel. The gospel is proclaimed when we love each other.

And now I feel like I have found my stride. Connecting people, all people, so that we can bring Good News. What else are we here to do? In the midst of our pain and suffering (our episodes prove our lives aren’t necessarily easy) there’s war and disease and death, but the core of the gospel is GOOD NEWS. The world desperately needs this Good News. 

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