Allison Washington

is creating stories, audio, and a book about her life as a trans woman.

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About Allison Washington

Things I make:

I am presently residing in Cairo as a (technically illegal) journalist reporting on conditions for queer people, trans people, and women; as they exist here in Egypt, and across the Arabic world more broadly.

of my peculiar life, articles about trans issues, Q&As, and how-to-trans. (And coming soon: audio readings of all that.)

Collaborations with author Miriam Suzanne, including Twined Fragments, a collaborative memoir, and the Alice & Mia podcast. Other collaborations in the planning stages include a couple stories with other writers and the libretto for an original choral work. (Because I don't have enough projects.)

Translations of my work into other languages, other trans writers’ work into English, and support for the translation of other trans writers’ work from English into other languages.

Appearances, readings, and presentations.

Support and consultation for trans initiatives, programs, and individuals worldwide; including other people’s books, presentations, and media, and personal support for other creators and for individual trans people in need. One recent effort is Transat, an Arabic language project to provide trans knowledge resources to the Arab world.

At a personal level, I get involved in the troubles of parents, partners, and individual trans people across the world. I do my best to provide whatever is needed; usually things like local connections, counseling on finding and working with service providers, tips for dealing with transition, oppression and danger, and crisis intervention. Sometimes I make a difference. Maybe this is the most important thing I do.

Media, publisher, and contact info is here.

And now for the plea: I really need your help. A little goes a long way; $3 is enough to feed me for a day.

I make the words.  You make the day.

You see that $ amount at left?  That is what I live on. Sometimes I get a couple hundred from a mag, but that's not every month.

I don't need much. Material things don't matter. It’s lives that matter.  I'm in a lot of people's lives.

Every month somewhere between 5K and 20K people read my stuff. Occasionally more. So you can see why any amount—any amount—makes you very, very special.

Because that makes you the 1 in more than 100 readers who care enough about what I do to actually feed me. (The 1 in 1000 if it's a good readership month.) It’s great that all those people get these words. And someone needs to make it happen.

We're partners, you and I.

I do the part where words are made, in print and with my voice, to read and to listen. 

You do the part where you help me live, a little each month, so each day I can continue to speak. 

We're collaborators, you and I.

We talk, here. This is our space. We ask questions, discuss drafts, check our successes and failures, worries and doubts, our hopes and plans. We see the inside, get the earlies, congregate backstage and drink too much coffee.

We're a team, you and I.

No words without me.

No words without you.

❤ Allison

$655.60 of $900 per month
Basic budget.  This is the minimum I need to scrape by and continue writing.
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