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About Alphanista

I’m an award-winning author published by St. Martins Press and journalist. After several years climbing up the corporate ladder in baby steps, I started Alphanista.

Alphanista began in 2008 as a lifestyle blog that soon took over as women started to identify with the name. It was during a challenging time in my life financially and emotionally, and I had fallen off my throne.

After some major career successes in very unusual ways, I revisioned Alphanista as a space that supports high-achieving women who are exhausted, yet gifted, and talented, and want to get back on the throne. The throne is where they are fully aligned and congruent.

I lived and worked in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and it changed my life with small groups of other successful, like-minded women skilled in receiving and giving.

There, I self-published my 6th book, and I have 5 other books published by St. Martins Press. From there I became Digital Managing Editor for Black Enterprise magazine.
After surveying my audience, I realized they, too, were at a different place than they were in 2008. They desired career support and new relationships.

I pivoted Alphanista to focus on multicultural women in management who struggle with identifying concrete gaps they have to reaching the next level and would like to get there with ease.

Now, I’m Chief Content Officer and Cofounder at Alphanista.

What separates Alphanista from other career or learning platforms is I gather high achievers who tend to go at it alone, and desire to connect to other like-minded women for an exponential growth experience.

Most women who join Alphanista are ready for the next steps in their career or life. Alphanista is also where you find compelling career and business related content that inspires you to the next level.

Join me in creating content for gifted, talented black women they can't find anywhere else.