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I'm nostalgic. You will be especially noted in the dedications page at the front of the book.  Also, whoever pledges the first dollar gets to name a significant item of your choice for future stories taking place in The Pilates System. I will follow up with you bearing what items are up for your creative blessing- just please don't let it be anything that would draw aggro XD.

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For the price of a cup of coffee every month, you can buy ME a cup of coffee so I can stay up later and write further. Every little bit helps, thank you so very much.

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- Your name (as you self-identify) will be added to the Dedications page at the front of the book.

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For 5 dollars a month, that's roughly slightly more than what I'd get for a full read-through on a pay-per-page platform like Kindle Unlimited! So for this tier I'll try and make it worth your investment.

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-Official Dedication at the front of the Book.

- Upon official publication of Atlas Bugged you will recieve A Thank You message, with Commentary PDF attached. In addition to it being a Spoiler-filled breakdown of the overall plot, I will also include a layout for the psychological motifs I implemented for each of the main players in the story. It might be something you're interested in- or it could be me making a fool of myself. Either way, it will be a 5 dollar subscription well spent! Thank you!




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About Alphonso Alonso


My name is Alphonso Alonso, if you’re here then you probably already know that I am an aspiring author for the swiftly growing genre of GameLit. Currently I’m working on a novel named Atlas Bugged and my goal is to have it ready for publication no later than Halloween of this year. However, what you may not know about me is when I’m not editing or writing for the few hours a night I’m able to, I spend 50 to 60 hours a week attending to my career.

Now, in order to achieve my goal of publication by the end of October, I’ll have to shift attention away from my career and begin treating my hobby like it’s a second job. I’ve done it before, but it’s very nerve racking to forfeit extra income of overtime between bills and student debts- especially since my job tends to get really crazy around Julyish.This also doesn’t include the talented artists I have been paying to produce concept art for additional projects I’m working on in relation to Atlas Bugged. All I can say for now is that if this novel is well recieved, there will definitely be more incentive for me to go all in and become as prolific and I’d like to be as an Author!

If you have enjoyed what I’ve submitted so far and would like to help me bring it to you more efficiently, then your support would be invaluable toward helping me develop this story further. This also include audio productions of the story, as well as additional content to come revolving around the further adventures of these characters across The Pilates System. If your curious about how you can help me and even become a part of the creative process, please check ou the tier list!
In any case, thank you so much for your interest and getting this far! I hope you’ll be back when the Atlas Bugged launches this Fall.
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Honestly, I just want to see if there's enough interest to legitimize having a Patreon. I've spent my entire life being a fan of gaming, movies, anime, and comics. I have been party to a number of dialogues regarding what thrills me about being a fan and, 30 years on, I've taken the leap to try and contribute something back to that dialogue. If we can grow to into double digits, I'll do my best to start developing this community further with blog posts and invite your feedback regarding a number of current topics in our corner of pop culture. 
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