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is creating novels & shorts starring disaster bisexuals

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Bear cubs are important first steps to bears! If you can't spare much or want to check out my content before committing to something higher, you'll still get some great content!

♥Unedited chapters/full first drafts

♥Character/WIP playlists

♥Character art


Includes Discord benefits
Sun Bear
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Sun bears are the smallest bears! They have long tongues for eating honey and bugs. For these bears, you'll get:

♥Early editing drafts

♥Unedited short stories [self-pubbed]

♥Polls for character extra posts

Includes Discord benefits
Giant Panda
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Giant Pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo! They're soft and rolypoly friends. For about the price of a Big Mac burg a month, Giant Pandas will get: 

♥Moodboards of your character!

♥Heavier novel edits

♥Character sketch suggestions

♥Character extra free requests

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Hey! Hello! I'm Amanda (or Bear). I'm a writer, but I'm also disabled (aka super mentally ill; major depression [plus seasonal affective disorder] and anxiety since I was in elementary school) so I can't work a traditional job. I especially can't work a traditional job and write; I had to quit my last job as a copywriter for a website publishing company in 2016 and I've been supporting myself with freelance editing ever since.

So why Patreon?
I set up Patreon to help me gain an audience and to earn a steady income once I saw how much better my mental health got when I was able to focus full time on my writing. If I don't have Panic Mode activated over my bank account, I can stay healthier and able to work, which means actually getting to do the thing I wanna make a career out of.

If you want to support me but can't afford to spend money monthly, you can buy me a coffee!

Witches, werewolves, metahumans, monsters, ghostie goos? You'll find it all in my books! I also have #OwnVoices content with bisexuality, mental illness (depression/anxiety), being agender, and trauma. I mostly focus on dark fantasy/urban fantasy. I tend to write a mix of YA and NA/Adult; my YA books are pretty much the books I wish I had when I was a teenager and my adult are pretty much the...books I wish I had as an adult lmao. 

I'm currently focusing on Blood Cult Boogie, but I also have short stories to shop around!

Regardless of your pledge tier, you can expect some pretty cool stuff:
♦Full chapters as I write them (the higher tier rewards get to see edited versions!)
♦Behind the scenes planning, character info, series bibles with world building, etc.
♦Moodboards -- including ones for your characters! ($3 pledges)
♦Early reads of short stories!
$51 of $65 per month
ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ *:・゚✧
if i can cover my monthly bills, i'll start a newsletter! info about where i'm at in my writing process, submissions, short story ideas, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
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