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Bear cubs are important first steps to bears! If you can't spare much or want to check out my content before committing to something higher, you'll still get some great content!
♥Short excerpts
♥Character art, playlists, & moodboards
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Sun Bear

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Sun bears are the smallest bears! They have long tongues for eating honey and bugs. For these bears, you'll get:
♥Polls for what you'd like to see in the $1 tier
♥WIP extras (world building notes, playlists, etc.)
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Giant Pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo! They're soft and rolypoly friends. For about the price of a Big Mac burg a month, Giant Pandas will get: 
♥Full unedited chapters from my novel WIPs
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About A.r. Rutter

Hey! Hello! I'm Amanda, writing as A.r. Rutter. I'm a writer, but I'm also disabled (aka super mentally ill; lifelong major depression [plus seasonal affective disorder; that's called double depression!], likely PTSD, and anxiety) so I can't work a traditional job. I especially can't work traditionally and write; I had to quit my last office job as a copywriter in 2016 and I've been supporting myself with freelance editing ever since.

So why Patreon?
Being able to make a steady income without taxing my mental health trying to find jobs, worrying about how to help pay the bills, and make sure my living situation and health are stable is incredibly important to me. When I have to make my income through freelancing, I take valuable spoons away from being able to write and edit my own work, which means I can't focus on building my career and likely have to take a hit to my mental health/stability.

But if I can make steady money sharing my writing, building an audience, and focusing on the career that I want, like with monthly payments from Patreon, I can keep my focus on what really matters and provide sicknasty LGBT content for you, my patrons!

If you want to support me in another way, you can buy me a coffee!

What can you expect from my writing? Witches, werewolves, metahumans, monsters, ghostie goos! I also have #OwnVoices content with bisexuality, mental illness (depression/anxiety), being agender, and trauma. I mostly focus on dark fantasy/urban fantasy. I tend to write a mix of YA and NA/Adult; my YA books are pretty much the books I wish I had when I was a teenager and my adult are pretty much the...books I wish I had as an adult lmao. 

Patrons will have access to short stories (some exclusive), essays, and excerpts from my novels. Starting at the $3 tier, you'll be able to read full, unedited chapters! You'll also have access to monthly newsletters (an addition we earned at $75/month!) that cover updates in submissions, my projects, what I'm reading, and anything going on in my life that's worth noting. There are also polls where you, my patrons, can give me feedback about what you'd like to see!

Anyone who pledges, regardless of tier, gets access to my Discord server! That's where I talk more about books, post a bunch of pictures of Peanut, shitpost, and also keep track of writing I submit before it makes it to a newsletter. There's also server-exclusive content including vignettes and deleted scenes that won't survive editing but were too good to let dissolve into the aether.
$69.41 of $75 per month
ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ *:・゚✧
if i can cover my phone bill and cat supplies, i'll start a newsletter! info about where i'm at in my writing process, submissions, short story ideas, etc.
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