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About ALT College

Our Vision:
ALT College is a community for folks learning and working in higher education that emphasizes serving those who are most often marginalized by higher education to build an alternative understanding of what college or graduate school can be. One that is a radically Authentic, Loving, and Transforming space for learning in solidarity.

Gayatri, or Dr. Sethi, is a professor, academic advisor, and educator with experience working at liberal arts colleges for over twenty years. She has shed her formal professor title but has never stopped showing up for her students with love, mentorship, and a breath of fresh perspective. Now she and several of her former students/life comrades are building a platform to uplift one another.

Why We Must Exist:
“I have always believed in the idea of building a tribe– inspiring friends whom we challenge each other to lead meaningful lives, one filled with empathy and radiant love for each other and everyone connected to us.”
“What I found in my four years in college was a charged environment of ‘minority’ voices crying out to be heard, but few of them being given the time of day, or the resources, guidance and support to create their own spaces and opportunities to speak. I felt stifled, just as most other “minorities” did, in the sea of superficial inclusion and diversity jargon...I could find no space that took me with all the baggage of my cultural, religious, ethnic, gender identity and accepted me however I showed up without the burden of expectations, presumptions, tokenization, etc. It was exhausting. One day, however, I found myself drinking tea with a group of students, activists, and a professor (who frankly wore more hats than just that; educator, mentor, healer, confidant, among others). This space was the only one in which I found true solidarity, understanding, and honesty.”
- Huda

Our Work So Far:
1. Retreats
“Until I completed the ALT College 19 Day Virtual Retreat, I was starting to believe that revolutionary love and action was not possible in higher education. In college, doubts begin to slip in about your worth and enoughness, but the ideals of ALT College serve as a vital reminder that our value comes from more than just GPA or output; we are all worthy simply because we exist. We are enough.”
“The ALT College retreat was a refreshing experience, where everyone was allowed to learn and grow under the guidance of one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. Because of this retreat, I created a journaling ritual from which I am already reaping the benefits in daily life.”
“I've never experienced such a supportive, intimate, and insightful mentorship such as this. Not only is Gayatri Sethi wise and caring, but everyone in the community all come from different types of hardships and bring many insightful views on different matters which we discuss in reflections and prompts.”
2. Personalized Internship Placements and Networking
“I have had the chance to participate in an internship along with free preparation for grad school. I literally have all my eggs lined up to apply very soon!... I also have gotten the chance to be connected with a great and prominent math mentor from Spelman College who is an expert in my field of interest.”

3. Individual Advising
“The coaching I have received has uplifted me through a personally challenging semester, and the panic inducing "what am I going to do?" post-grad planning stage. Gayatri and I have talked through multiple pathways towards my long-term goals, choosing grad schools, and even just “I’m lost/overwhelmed/uninspired, help!”

4. Podcast
“[The ALT College podcast ‘Inspiration Station’] is incisive and loving. [Dr. Sethi] challenges her audience to think deeply about themselves and to address the ways in which we affect others in a caring fashion. This podcast is a reminder that we are connected and that care is important in an interconnected world.”
-M. Riley

Wishlist from the ALT College Community
These are dreams and “if onlys” that our community members have put forward. We do not currently offer any of these resources, but we hope to soon!

Workshops and Life Skills Classes
Students have asked for opportunities to learn skills that are carefully kept from many marginalised young people. Requested workshops: Race and religion mindful self-defense, how to safely travel solo, regular car maintenance and other “man skills”

Artistic groups
Many of the community members are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and drained. We want to tap into creative self-healing. We want to paint, dance, sing, create! The problem: materials and classes are expensive and campus groups can be unwelcoming spaces for many students.

ALT Study Abroad-Educational Travel and Excursions
Many students bring ignorance and baggage with them abroad which erects barriers between them, their hosts, and any transformative learning. What if educational travel released the “guest” mentality and prioritized learning about the cultural/political/colonial histories of the host country, true cultural exchange, and being actively involved in the host community? Gayatri has previously led students on such overseas excursions. Discussed destinations for us: Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, and Tanzania! Some students are even dreaming of a post-grad ALT Gap Year!

How to Support Us:
Our vision is that with community support -- all of you -- chipping in, we could continue to build this community of support for those who seek it. Patrons will sustain the work we are already doing and allow us to make our wish list a reality!

4 of 51 patrons
Our aim is to work directly with at least a dozen members who are attending courses, participating in playshops, retreats and experiences.
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