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About AlternativeTravelers



We’re Sam and Veren, aka the Alternative Travelers. We are digital nomads who travel as house sitters, vegans, and responsible travelers. Everywhere we go, we look for alternatives to the conventional, consumerist way of traveling. And then we bring those insights to you!

We create content to help you travel - and live - in a more sustainable, ethical, and mindful way. We aim to empower travelers to think differently about their travel and lifestyle by reducing harmful habits and increasing positive ones.

We strongly believe that positive change starts within. That’s why we help travelers learn how to create positive change in both themselves, and as a result, the communities they visit. In other words, we want to inspire and teach others to live and travel in alignment with their core values of ethics, sustainability, and mindfulness.

The Alternative Travelers Podcast features thoughtful conversations about living a meaningful life with travel at the core. These are conversations that will challenge conventional notions about travel, and make you think about travel and mindful living in a whole new way (at least we hope they will)!


We're passionate about taking sustainable, responsible, and ethical travel to the mainstream. It’s simply not enough for some travelers to travel in a more “conscious” way.

Every traveler must be a sustainable traveler.

For this to happen, we need to expand our reach to bring this message to travelers everywhere.

Since 2016, we have been writing free content about all things alternative travel at In 2020, we started our podcast, The Alternative Travelers Podcast, to spread the responsible travel message even further. 

We keep getting requests for more stories, more personal content, and more deep dives into difficult issues that aren’t being covered elsewhere. Reflective blog pieces and podcast episodes are the most rewarding for us and resonate most strongly with our community yet are the most time and energy-consuming to create. 

This is one of the reasons why we started the Alternative Travelers Podcast - to dive deep into these kinds of topics. And you guys have been loving them, clamoring for more. We’d love to do just that and spend even more time creating this deeper, reflective content. But in order to continue creating this kind of content (that will never earn us money using traditional methods) we need your support.  

That’s where Patreon comes in!


Patreon is a platform that connects creators with their community in order to bring more awesome content into the world. It’s pretty much the modern-day version of artists having patrons support them in doing their work much like famous classical artists (such as Michelangelo and da Vinci).

Patreon is a place for us to connect directly with you, our most passionate members of our community, who want to support our mission, get involved, shape the future of alternative travel, and have some fun while we do it together.

As a patron, you’ll join our only online community and get a bunch of cool rewards, like behind the scenes insights, bonus content, video hangs, one-on-ones, and more. You’ll also get to shape the future direction of the work that you already love so that we can create a better world together.

Patreon will allow us to focus on creating more reflective, deep dives and topics that are so important to talk about - but that will never earn us money in conventional ways. It will also enable us to outsource more of the behind the scenes admin tasks to others so that we can focus more of our energy on doing what we do best, creating great content for you and the community.

Instead of worrying about increasing download numbers or page views to earn money to keep Alternative Travelers afloat, we can dig into these important topics that we know the world needs.


When you join us as a member of our Patreon community, you’ll shape the future direction of Alternative Travelers. Every patron will be a part of our exclusive online community and get to vote in polls on what topics to cover, new kinds of content, and much more. And depending on the tier you choose, you’ll also get bonus podcast episodes, shout-outs on the podcast, hang out with us via livestream video once a month, and even some 1-1 time if you so desire!

We also have lots of ideas for future perks for our Patreon members once we meet certain goals. This is one of the things that we’ll grow over time with your insights and input on what kinds of rewards you want as a patron. This is an ever-changing, ever-evolving space that we will create together.

Some ideas we have:

  • have you guys vote on where we go
  • do videocasts of our podcasts
  • our favorite recipes or just what we regularly eat
  • livestreams on whatever topic you guys want. Cook with us! Travel with us! Or just hang!
  • always growing resource library with what we’re reading, learning from, listening to on a variety of topics
  • early access and discounts for anything larger that we create (like books, courses, workshops, etc)
  • transcripts to make the podcast more accessible by paying a transcriptor
  • physical merchandise so you can show your responsible travel values w/ the world! Mugs, t-shirts, stickers!
  • get a photographer to take fun photos of us together (Sam can’t do it all and you guys know we hate selfie sticks ;) )
  • or something else - we want your input on these ;)


It’s more important than ever to talk about mindful, meaningful, and responsible travel, and we know that you guys feel the same way. It takes a village to create lasting change, and we hope you’ll join us in creating this world together.

The majority of our content will always be free- it is what has created our community in the first place. We want to keep reaching new people to help inspire others to travel in a more meaningful and responsible way. 

If you value what we’re doing but can’t swing becoming a patron right now, we’d greatly appreciate spreading the word through sharing our work.
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