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Special thanks to all my patrons that have a passion about living a healthy diet lifestyle and cooking. Through all my years of my enjoyable career as a chef and a nutritionist I have developed a passion about healthy diet lifestyle that has changed my life and solved most of my health problems and my friends and changed permanently the way that me and my clients think about feeding. This passion led me to pursuing studies on alternative medicine and natural holistic remedies. The specific food diet combined with herb remedies that I recommend to my clients and friends have given impressive results on their overall health improvement. Seeing such results and a change in peoples vitality from using my diets makes me feel that I am in the right path towards helping people. Despite my devotion to my cause I have asked for support of media so I could have a food nutrition channel but I have received nothing but rejections, critics on going against the market and even becoming unpleasant for big food and drug companies who try to oppress every nutritionist that doesn't promote their processed foods or their new drugs and supplements.My cause is not replacing the doctors but to raise awareness about the food and diet choices that you make daily and how to improve your health naturally.
I appreciate every donation that my supporters can give so I would be able to devote more time on creating videos with better quality and more frequently. My videos are well researched and I can provide anyone interested in learning more about my topics with the latest research,statistics and findings.

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