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I know some want to show support, but not everyone has a lot to spare.
This is a way to contribute how ever much support you want towards the creation of my cosplay videos for the community!

  • You will only be charged what you pledge when a video is Uploaded publicly to my Youtube channel!

    (You pick your pledge amount & can add a monthly limit)
  •  This is also where I post my behind the scenes & work in progress photos since I currently have no where else to post all of them. As well a random life updates.
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About Alyson Tabbitha

Hello, I'm Alyson & I like making things :) 
My shop -  Youtubeinstagram -  Facebook -  Twitter  

If you have ever been helped or inspired by my work, this is great place to share the love, and be more involved.

*The patreon is for funding the creation of my Youtube videos
But you can also join to show support for a creator working towards goal, & being more involved. It is only $1 after all 

So if there is not time to make a video some months, no one pays!

This way sweet people that want to show support for my work still can, & they will only be charged whatever amount they want to contribute, when I am actually able to post a video to my YouTube Channel.

You can set limits to the max you will pay each month when you sign up, so no matter how many videos I make a month, you can stay within your budget.

*The more support I get on here, the less outside jobs I will have to accept, meaning the more time I will have to make helpful video tutorials sharing all my tips and secrects!

Why this "Per-Creation" Patreon exist  is so I can maybe still be able to make videos for YouTube every now & then, vs, having to give up on it completely!

Life is short, you only got one. I just want to make people smile, & encourage them to do things that make them happy. And help give them confidence in their craft and themselves. Hopefully make a few friends along the way. And one day look back on it all and be happy that I stayed true to myself. Found something I love and ran with it. & ya know, I tried my best. ~Aly 

Thanks for being here, love you. ~ Aly
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A step in the right direction!

There is so much filming, editing, time & effort that goes into making tutorial videos, that this would really help push me to be able to make them between other jobs.

I do not make a living off of cosplay/videos currently, so I have to stop other work to make tutorials. Tutorials take 1-2 weeks to film & edit. (That doesn't include the time it take to make & film a full costume process. Most costumes take weeks & even months to make, so there is a lot of footage involved!)

I really enjoy making tutorials & showing others how I do all my makeup & make all my costumes! Unfortunately I can't justify or afford spending so much time out of other work making these myself. So I would really appreciate your help & support!

Thank you so much!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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