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Access to exclusive posts and Nashville diary entries where I'll tell you guys about experiences, lessons and anything on my mind! (one Nashville diary entry a week)


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Everything in previous tier + access to a monthly live online chat/concert where we can hang out and I'll play you a few songs (originals and cover requests)!

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Everything in previous tiers + access to my demos and unreleased music!

I'll be posting at least one demo a week (sometimes more!). These can be songs I write for other artists that are being pitched around Nashville or songs I wrote for myself. Usually, they'll be fully produced demos (done in my studio) but sometimes they'll just be acoustic versions or work-tapes! I'll also include a little backstory behind the songs and who I wrote them with!

About Alyssa Trahan

Hi guys! And welcome to my first ever official fan club, or should I say "fam" club! (Get it, because you guys came up with "Trafam"? :D )

I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, and now just feels like the right time to do it with all the new music and content I'm working on. 2020 is going to be the start of a new beginning and I couldn't be more excited about it if I tried!

I want this to be a place where we can hang out like friends. Where I can show you guys more of what happens behind the scenes. Where I can play you some new demos and show you how I record them. Where I can fill you in on what's happening on the business side. Where you can help me make decisions, like what should the cover art for a new song be, or what song should I cover, etc. I want to get you guys even more involved and make you, even more, a part of my journey. Because the only reason I am where I am is YOU!

I looked around a bit and decided Patreon was the right place to create this new fam club. It's a really cool platform made just for creators, like me, so we can continue making art and still have a place to live that has heat and running water.

So, you probably have questions...

1. What is Patreon anyway?
Patreon is basically a cool new platform for creators to connect with their fans in a new way and make a living while doing it! Think of it as a monthly subscription where you not only get content and products but support a dream! :)

2. Why should I become a Patron and join the fam club?
If you join the fam club, you will get to see and hear SO much more than you do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram plus have access to exclusive giveaways, online concerts, etc. AND, you'll be supporting my dream and helping me take things to the next level!

3. What specific things will I get out of it?

What you get depends on what level Patron you become. But it could include exclusive access to unreleased music & demos, online concerts, personal merch packages sent right to your door or even me writing and recording a song just for you!

4. What will my $ go towards?
If you become a Patron, you will be personally helping me with things like:
- Paying for new music to be professionally recorded & released
- Travel costs
- Promotion costs
- Helping me continue to live in Nashville, TN (where I need to be to make things happen! Google "apartment for rent in Nashville, TN" if you're curious)

5. Can I stop donating or change what level I am in the future?
Yes! You can cancel or change the amount you'd like to donate at any time with no repercussions!

6. Do I have to pay in US dollars?
Nope! You can pay in any currency!

7. I still have questions!
No problem, send me an email at [email protected] and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have! :)

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