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As a bronze patron you will have access to:
- Pictures, info and updates on the process on this site.
- Requests to the game by patrons are headed more than non patrons requests
- Chapter 3 will always be available, even if you aint a patron. 
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The Lurker Patron
The Lurker Patron is for you if you don't care about contributing to the game with your thoughts and ideas. You just want 100 % access to the game.
You will get:
-Access to the progress on this site. Does not include Silver Patron and Gold Patron content on the site.
-Instant access to cheat codes.
-Instant access to chapter 3 beta.
-Access to any videos I would make + any game guide I would make. 

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As a silver patron you will have access to:
- Same rewards as the bronze patron
- You will be able to pitch me your ideas about gameplay, sex scenes, pictures, story line etc. I will listen create it.
- Create a male or female NPC. Tell me everything there should be to know about this character. Looks, fetishes etc. Send me PM about it.
- ALL content on this site. Except gold patron content.
- More rewards may come.




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Hey Guys !

First if you're new to patreon check out this intro video:

is a free adult RPG Maker VX game about the female elf Nimrodel and her fight against evil. Play as Nimrodel and help her either overpower or fuck the evil creatures and save the land. 

-Many hours of fun, challenging and sexy adventures in Amaranth.
-Hundreds of different characters and monsters waiting for you in the kingdom of Amaranth.
-Sex scenes between elves, whores, sluts, bitches, monsters and humans beyond count.
-Including stripping in a sex club, blowing an old man, being raped by tentacles, joining an orgy or being sold into slavery. Resist your rapers or submit to their will.
-Raping enemies and freedom fighting whores. Slutty babes, horny elves and beautiful sex slaves. 
-And so much more. 

Why donate?
Amaranth has two chapters at the moment but even two chapters are many hours of sexy adventure. With your donation I can focus more on this game and not on my actual job. 
If you donate you can have much more influence on this game.
-I will create the things YOU want faster and put more work into it.
-This game is completely free so you will have access to all the scenes but you will be supporting me to make more scenes.
-Tell me your dirty fantasy and I can bring it to life in the game.
Your donation will get me to work more on this game and give me more inspiration. Before you know it, there will be a new update to the game including what you would want in the game.

Remember! The game is totally free. But if you choose to support, it would mean a lot to me. Being a patron is optional and I will still work on the game.

Being a patron means you will get early access to releases but most important, you support me.

The more you donate, the more influence you'll get.

The newest version will always be available on:

Thank you very much!
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The first supporters will be given access to a special scene in the next update before everyone else.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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