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About ♔ Amateur Belly Dance ♔

Hey everyone. Steph here. I'll get straight to it. At Amateur Belly Dance, there's nothing we love more than making & producing videos for all of you to watch. The opportunity to entertain you with hot dancing and high fashion videos has been the best thing to ever happen to us.

While this is a dream come true, it’s not a dream that pays. YouTube's ad revenue has been nose-diving for some time now, it’s come to a near complete halt. Our team works full time on the channel. This IS our job. Forty hours a week is a severe understatement. The more viewers we get, the more time and effort we put into Amateur Belly Dance. We want to continue to make content for as long as possible, but we need your help.

If you become a Patreon, you are directly supporting the channel. YOU are helping to create the content, keep the lights on, get better equipment, make more higher quality hot dancing and high fashion videos. Most importantly, keep Amateur Belly Dance alive. There are many rewards you can unlock, so please check out more amazing rewards on the right hand side.

There is NOTHING we would rather be doing and nowhere else we would rather be than on YouTube with all of you. we appreciate your continued support and if you choose to become a Patreon, we will not be able to thank you enough.

This is Amateur Belly Dance. I'm Steph. Thank you in advanced for your support, much love and I'll see you guys soon.

If you are a model, and would like to work with us.  Please email [email protected]
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This is a realistic budget for the number of videos that we can guarantee per week while also guaranteeing the quality that you've come to love and expect. When we reach this goal, you can expect a minimum of 30 high quality videos per month.   We've come to the realization that this is the highest number of videos we can promise per week and know 100% that we can fulfill it.  
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