Amber Davis Art is creating Artwork and Comics

Bean Five

$1 /mo
• Access to reviews of just about anything I feel like reviewing

• Early access to info on new projects

• Access to Patreon Discord channel

Newborn Kitten

$3 /mo
• Early access to comics; ONE MONTH early! 

• Ability of vote on new projects/ideas

• Work in Progress screenshots

• Wallpapers

• High Resolution Images


Access to previous tiers

Fuzzy Kitten

$7 /mo
• One doodle per month; high resolution of completed drawing uploaded 

• Process videos

• First dibs AND 20% Discount on Prints!


Access to previous tiers

Fluffy Cat

$20 /mo
• 1 red-line over one of your art pieces, discussion of said piece

• Digital headshot doodle of any character you choose! (OC's are ok too, 500px x 500px)

• 15% Discount on Traditional Il...


Regal Leopard

$50 /mo
• Access to my art gallery, pick out any artwork (non private commission), and you get a signed print of it mailed to you! 


Access to previous tiers

Divine Feline

$100 /mo
• Traditional illustration completed for you & original mailed, your choice of character, wing-it style.


Access to previous tiers