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Heya, Ambler here! I do... A lot of things, you might know (of) me from one or more of the below:
  • Creating Twitter bots of varying popularity:
    • @HCIM_Deaths - The one that started it all - Has been automatically tweeting when high ranking players in OldSchool RuneScape's single-life gamemode die for nearly three years now. (Recently made a Twitch version of it also, basically comes down to a live feed of behind the scenes data!)  
    • @anicrossing2 - Tweets pictures from the Animal Crossing games! Also currently features a weekly countdown to the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with a daily one planned when the number isn't quite so painful to look at.
    • @SmashUCountdown - Was daily tweets for a counting down to the release of Ultimate, as the game's out now it's mostly just "X Months Since Release" and Direct/DLC countdowns if we get dates for them.
    • @Poke_Countdown a countdown for Pokemon Sword/Shield's release.
  • Event streaming for DAT Team, one of the most prominent Smash Bros tournament hosts in the UK/Europe scene, though some freelance work for other tournaments happens too!
  • Running, a site that combines the MLG player's high bitrate with Twitch chat for the "optimal" Overwatch League viewing experience
  • A bulk-emote resizer for the artists out there, can join the Discord for it and download the tool here.
  • Also a bunch of Twitch moderation for various channels, mostly focused on bot setup and large event chats.

...All of which are either money or time investments for little or no pay, which isn't ideal considering my current (lack of) job situation.

This page pretty much exists as a way for people to support the things I do, along with allowing me to publicly show how much I'm making (or losing) because transparency is nice.
Priority of spending from any earnings of this will be: Server Bills > Travel for Events > Putting money aside for some larger annual/one time costs (e.g More servers, domain renewal, streaming hardware)

If you've got any questions (or suggestions for benefits I can offer for this thing) just drop me a message on Twitter and I'll get back to you ASAP!
$16 of $20 per month
This will fully fund the monthly costs for the two servers required for my projects, with a bit of headroom for spending on new projects down the line!
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