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Hey Awesome People!

I'm Amelia, but I go by Ame. I'm the lead developer with Strawberry Dagger Studio, and I do all of the graphics, programming, some of the music, and most of the writing for our visual novels. 

I created this Patreon, because I love visual novels and creating stories that I can share with all of you. This is my full-time job, and I have really appreciated the opportunity that Patreon has given me so far. With Patreon, I have been able to devote my time to working on what I love, and it has given me some peace of mind when it comes to student loans and medical bills.

2018 has been a busy year so far.

Professionally, we've released the Android version of our first visual novel, we're currently working on an Android version of Make It Last, and we've started working on a new project - which will give me plenty of new things to learn and incorporate into future works.

Personally, I finished paying off a medical bill from a hospital visit & surgery that I had last year, I've attended a wedding for someone close to me, I went to Sakura-Con and met some friends that I made back in 2013, and Tyler and I just bought a house. 

2018 has had some ups and downs already, but I believe it's going to be a good year. I'm making sure that I put effort into learning new things, like animating. I'm pushing myself to improve on what I've accomplished so far since I started working on visual novels in 2013. And I'm reminding myself to take care of myself and to take breaks, because it's very easy to get lost in working on things that I love and forgetting to do simple things for myself.

I'm doing my best to become a better person and to create better content.
And I am doing my best to make you proud, as well as myself.

The donations that I receive from Patreon help me in so many ways, and I am incredibly grateful for the chances it's given me so far, and I hope that continues as time goes on.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Patreon page, and if you are able to donate anything -- I sincerely appreciate your support.

Stay Awesome!

Finished Visual Novels

Destiny Fails Us: A New Life

The story of Destiny Fails Us takes place in the Pacific Northwest, in the fictional town of Moirai. It follows the life of Idril Ar'Feinel, a girl who spends most of her time playing video games instead of doing her homework.

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Make It Last

Make It Last is a short and sweet visual novel that follows the lives of Harvey Chapman and Jordan Min; two guys that found each other, and fell in love.

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