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About Amit Kenig

Hey there! Thank you for checking my Patreon and considering supporting my work.

About me - My name is Amit Kenig. I found my passion to staff spinning and performance at the age of 12 (in 2003). After 7 years of training, studying circus and performing in Israel I was the first staff spinner to be accepted to study in one of the most known professional circus schools (Le Lido Toulouse). After studying there for 3 years I got my first contract in Montreal, Canada to be a performer in a big production (Monaco) collaborated with two known companies Cirque Eloize and Cirque Du Soleil (in 20015).  Sadly this show was cancelled in the end of creation, but since then I've been performing with my solo act and with other known companies around the world. I've been performing in front thousands of people and teaching staff spinning for young artists from different countries around the world.

Currently I base in Prague, Czechia and I created my biggest performance yet together with the known fire and light show company called 'Pyroterra' and we plan to perform with it as soon the covid situation gets better.

Recently I started also giving lectures online about staff spinning, performance and self development.

What are my main goals  

Performance & lectures - Continue making shows while also giving lectures (online and in person) to share value and inspiration to anyone who wishes to find, follow and achieve their TRUE purpose in life.

2. New generation of staff spinners - By sharing tutorials and teaching online I want to pass on my knowledge to many people possible and hopefully to see with time a new generation of staff spinners developing what I teach into a higher level.

3. Follow my journey - My youtube channel is a place where people can follow my journey and see the progress I make over the years, not only to show the moments of success but also the challenging times and talk about these experiences so we can both learn and grow from it. By watching my videos I want people to see that 'success' is something that takes time, patience, persistence and constantly learning.

Why I open a Patreon

Since the covid19 all shows have been cancelled and I had no choice to take any job I can find just to be able to pay for my living.

I will continue performing as soon as possible but I understand that I can't be financially dependent on shows only, so I searched for another direction that is similar to performance and also can be very meaningful to me by helping others.

So I opened a youtube channel, there I can express me self in front of audience and share value to the audience while being able to do that even in times like covid.

If enough people will support me on Patreon I can work full time as a YouTuber/performer.

By supporting me on Patreon it will help me too...

1. Buy better equipment so I can make professional videos on youtube (Camera, audio recording, light, and editing software).

2. Make a living from creating content, so I can leave my temporary job and put most of my time creating more and better videos online and be able to interact more with the community.

3. Have the resource to make my dream project (real life lecture with performance on stages and tour it around the world) to inspire people to follow their dreams and achieve their true purpose in life.

4. Prioritise my projects. When I will be less financially dependent I can say NO to shows or projects that are not important enough for me and taking too much of my time instead of working on something that can take me closer to my goals (To inspire people with my art and share knowledge to anyone who needs it)

Last few words

I know this are challenging times and I completely understand if you can't pay a monthly contribution, so please don't feel bad if you can't, in any case I will continue to do my best with what I have and I hope you will find my content valuable to you.

If you can help my work with a few euros a month that will be so AMAZING. our decision to support me is something I will NEVER take for granted!

I want to thank all my patrons who are already supporting me. I can't express enough how grateful and touched I am <3

Love you all and wish you the best

Amit Kenig
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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