Michael Petersen

is creating Reviews, Let's Plays, Retro Videos, Commodore 64

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Who are you?
Hello, my name is Michael for Amsomnia Studios, I am the creator of Amsomnia Studios a youtube channel or studio where I do numerous things such as "C64 Nostalgicka" (a review show about c64 Games)  Dos Remonizia (the same as above) and various other review shows, in addition to reviewing I also do let's plays, poetry readings, streams and much more!

Why are you on Patreon?

Because I would like to expand want I do, and that does mean that sometimes I need to upgrade my equipment, though keep in mind, I do already upgrade as best as I can, that's also why there are no tiers, just the one.

I began creating videos back in 2005, I started my previous channel in 2006 and uploaded my first video around summer of 2006 and then in 2011 I changed into Amsomnia Studios and have since then created videos as often as I can. I normally upload at least two videos on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

How does patreon work?
Basically what patreon is all about is to help the individual artist so to speak. You can pledge as much as you want each month or however long you want to. I don't have any tiers. Don't worry I won't ever charge for any of the shit that I do on my channel :D
You can support or not support the show will go on as it always has and you will be able to see all the videos I upload and make, so if you don't want to support that's fine, you are supporting me no matter what:) And should you ever want to stop supporting me here on Patreon you can cancel without a hazzle:) the whole thing is simple...

Thank you for your continued support, whether or not you decide to pledge anything each month. I appreciate you watching and helping me just by watching, it's enough to make me keep going:)
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Should I ever reach a consistent support of 50 dollars for at least two months I will be streaming a two hour stream of me opening and closing windows. While a friends sits and plays a random game, it's a two webcam stream :D
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