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I love sharing content that you can use immediately. Enjoy!

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I love creating and sharing new content with those who want to go deeper into the creative process, conscious self-care, and their spiritual journey inward. This is the place where we'll build a community together.

About Amy Camie

These words inspire how I move through the world as a creator:

WALK GENTLY ... as a soft distant bell
CREATE LOVINGLY ... from the heart
SHARE UNIVERSALLY ... with everyone
RECEIVE ABUNDANTLY ... with gratitude

My life is a miraculous journey of spiritual self-discovery, inspired musical expressions, unexpected journeys with cancer, and compassionate conscious self-care choices. Through it all, I continue to create and express that which desires expression through me. Whether it's music, writings, books, photographs, meditations, talks, or videos, it's all an expression of my love for life.

Now, through Patreon, I'm able to create and share with a community of people who enjoy, find value, and benefit from my expressions.

I like to think of Patreon as a Membership Site, only easier!
  • You get to choose the content you want to see
  • I love creating and sharing it 
  • WE get to create a community of FRIENDS & TRAVELERS ~ how easy is that! :-) 

I'm truly looking forward to sharing more with you as we travel this journey together. 

My joy is expressing my love, living my truth, and empowering others to do the same. 
Feel free to visit my website to see all the content that is readily available to the Public...then come on back here to enjoy exclusive content for FRIENDS and TRAVELERS!

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