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Without using special characters, the phrase An Solas Sí (Sí pronounced as Shee) in Gaeilge (Irish) simply means The Fairy Light in English, fear not, these shadows and their narratives are shared only by your consent, not to misguide but to provoke critical reflection, discourse, and enlightenment.

Welcome, I am Ӎuirén Ní Sídach, and this is my attempt to form a new chapter in my life, and hopefully soon a revolutionary, collaborative intentional community.

A creative enterprise that is primarily self-supporting by its own efforts and your trusted patronage, an exercise in Economic Democracy for Social Democracy, you subscribe, donating your time, talents, and treasure, and we perform for you, a spiritual resonance, and exclusively shared experience unless together, we chose otherwise.

Λn Solas Sí | Shadowplay Theatre is intended as a Storytelling Community of Study and Practice devoted to the ArtScience of Shadowplay Theatre.

Incorporating as a Cooperative with a sociocratic organization science informed by ecological systems theory, this creative community of study and practice will operate under as a Theatrical Performance and Media Production Company.

Storytelling with Shadow Puppetry is the direct antecedent of Silhouette AnimationGolden Age AnimationGolden or Heroic Age Anime, as well as contemporary Digital Animation techniques both alone and with Live-Action Performance, enabled MoCap or Motion Capture for broadcast or seamlessly integrated with cinematic production with the aid of advanced Artificial Intelligence, transcending the boundaries of perceived reality.

Far from a break with tradition, Λn Solas Sí is a return to the origin-story of Shadow Puppetry, a form of presentation that over hundreds of years spread across more than 20 different civilizations functioning as one of the most enchanting visual storytelling technologies known to the ancient world, from shaman hands invocation of spirit shadows cast by firelight upon cave walls to lantern lighted characters from our myths projecting puppet shapes onto a screen.

Shadowplay Theatre Re-envisioned
Storytelling, Ancient Folklore, Science Fiction, Horror, Weird Fiction, Macabre Humour, Fairy Glamour Magic and Illusion, Shadowplay: Manual/Virtual Presentation Ombromanie (Handwork) and 2D and 3D Shadow Puppets, Photorealistic Silhouette Animation, Motion Capture, Performance Animation, Immersive Telepresence, Remote or Distributed Collaboration.
Together, we will explore a performance regime defined as “Magical Realism”, with “Production” guided in principle by Clarke’s Third Law, enlivened, invigorated, and emboldened through the judicious, yet ever so subtle use of technologies and techniques, cyberphysical and cyberphysical informed execution of practical effects so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic; with our “Teamwork” defined by Collaborative Action Research, Design, Development, and of course delivery of our Performance.

Introducing . . .

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