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Mission / Vision 
E-Sports have found their way into the world and our hearts. But this is not enough. We want the whole world to see competitive gaming as more than just pixels on a screen. We want the world to recognize it as the sport it is.
To achieve this, we want to create games that are competitive, tactical and challenging. Games that will evolve the concept of E-Sports and get every single country to acknowledge the reality that we already know to be true. We know E-Sports players practice just as much as professional basketball or football players, maybe even more. We firmly believe E-Sports players should get the same level of respect these ‘conventional sports’ players get.

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First Project - Day of Glory
Day of Glory is an online first person multiplayer PC game set in the glorious period of the gladiators based on four key elements: teamwork, skill, strategy and competitiveness. Play as a gladiator, breath as a gladiator and work together with other gladiators to achieve the goals you set as a team.

Search and Destroy meets gladiator combat!

Ever wanted to play a game that combines melee combat with parts of CS:GO? Well then, you've come to the right place. We are creating a gamemode, which is all about tactical gameplay. Pick the classes that fit your tactic for that round. But choose carefully, all classes have their pros and cons. We want to create the most competitive gaming experience in history!

Battle Royale in one big arena! (Ow no, not another battle royale game..)
We understand that feeling. That's why we want to add some uniqueness to our game. By creating one big arena fights will be nearby, so searching for opponents won't be necessary. We hear you thinking, won't this be very chaotic? Don't worry about that. The arena has multiple levels, which provide enough space to cover yourself. And for action you can fight people in the middle of the arena. Only one will be rewarded with freedom, fight for it or die.




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