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I'm not going to lie dudes, my videos are free to watch.. what will $1 get you? I can't thank you enough for the support and really appreciate it!
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Hold up, thats $5 a month, you sure you wanna do that?! That's very kind of you dude and i really appreciate it! Also access to "Soon" preview footage posted on the Patreon page.
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 Pledging $10 will go towards improving the channel via equipment upgrades & new games to record. On top of this you will get a spot on my Outro Pledge Appreciation Screen at the end of my videos.  




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About AnarchyHD

Hey dudes! Anarchy here! Who am i? O i am just your friendly neighbourhood spi.. err.. Video maker! I like to entertain folks with my voice, put the voice on some form of video that i upload to YouTube and it usually to the best of my knowledge entertains them! I mostly play survival games and first person shooters, but dable in other random stuff from time to time! My videos are always at the best possible quality that i can get them which is one trait i will never drop! Anyways i hope you enjoy your stay and if you do decide to drop a pledge just know that it greatly helps the channel and you're awesome for the support! 

- Stay sexy, Anarchy.
$196 of $500 per month
When i reach this target i will be able to upload more frequent videos, publishing 2 - 4 videos per week.
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