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Thank you so much for your support of Andre Feriante!

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  • The deep appreciation of Andre Feriante for your contribution
  • The social status that comes with being a Patron of an artist
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Thank you so much for your support of Andre Feriante!

  • You will be added to the Patron Email list
    • first notice of concerts and new video posts on YouTube
  • The deep appreciation of Andre Feriante for your contribution
  • The social status that comes with being a Patron of an artist
  • Access to exclusive Patreon video content
  • Name on website patron list
  • Special monthly “Behind the Scenes” video with Andre
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  • After 12 consecutive months:
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About Andre Feriante

Welcome to the Patreon page for virtuoso guitarist and composer, Andre Feriante. 

Thank you for visiting Andre's Patreon page. Since you're here, chances are you're already a fan of Andre's music and poetry. If you've just discovered the amazing music of Andre Feriante, welcome! Below we have more info.

With the multiple changes happening in the music industry and now in society as a whole around the world, it’s become more difficult for people to share the live music experience. With your help as a Patron, Andre Feriante hopes to change that. Andre and his team propose to open a virtual music venue, tentatively called One Moon Theatre. The inspiration for the name comes from the realization that all of us, everywhere on Earth, live under the same moon. From here, Andre can offer online music concerts featuring himself and others, interview programs with other musicians, and there is even the chance to help provide an online venue to musicians from around the world. The long term plan is to become an “in person” venue as well.

Much of this content will be presented for free online, although there will still be patron only content on Patreon. There are so many who can’t afford concerts, or would like to bring their children but can’t. Recently we heard from a mom whose 8 year old was enjoying one of Andre’s Facebook live stream concerts. She thanked us for providing this experience that her child would not have had otherwise. Your patronage will help bring live, virtuoso music to even more people than was possible before. There are many expenses involved with a live broadcast, but with your help it’s an attainable goal. There is broadcast equipment to buy, staff to pay, promotion expenses, and internet expenses. Eventually there will be rental of a building to offer the concerts online and to a live audience as well.

Some Background
Andre has seen many changes in the world of music since growing up in Italy. Over the past 40 years he has studied with the great Andrés Segovia, played Carnegie Hall, toured Europe, South America, and North America, and recorded 14 CD’s. He has hosted radio programs and has been featured on television.

Yet, his career has also focussed on helping others and promoting music as a whole. For the past 20 years, Andre has brought together some of the top musicians in the northwest to share a stage with him for ensemble concerts in venues like Benaroya Hall, The Triple Door, and a number of major clubs and music venues. He created, and is the director of, the Guitar Euphoria festivals which morphed into the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival and Seattle Guitar Night. He’s devoted enough time to the careers of fellow musicians that some have called him the “Ed Sullivan of World Music in Seattle”.

Being so deeply involved in the music industry, Andre has also been witnessing, and is trying to adapt to, the change from traditional music distribution and performances to an increasingly digital driven world. CD sales are shrinking, music venues are disappearing, and pay rates have dropped. Now, with the current changes in our world, all music venues are closed and it is unsure when they will be opening up again and in what capacity. Andre’s proposed virtual venue, One Moon Theater, offers a solution to some of those growing issues.

Yet, through all these life experiences and changes, Andre’s focus has remained on the art itself and the way art connects to humanity. While his virtuoso skill is highly regarded and his music is both loved and entertaining, his purpose is deeper. Andre’s life mission is to focus on how music can help and heal at a deep level, and how it can bring people together. Recently, Andre has expanded the cultural flavor of his music to include a wide variety of stringed instruments from around the globe. This helps to illustrate how music can bring the world together.

Our intention with Patreon is to invite you to join us on a journey that brings joy and beauty to the world while sparking your inner creative spirit.

Andre writes, “Art and music can fill in the gaps in human communication, picking up where language can only say so much. Dance, poetry, music, painting; these speak to the nonverbal, primal aspect of who we are. The arts provide a much needed feeding of the soul, for balance, fulfillment, and peace of mind. In my TEDx talk ‘The Power of Music to Heal, Transform and Inspire’, I explored how music can increase self awareness and Intuition. It can bring joy, contentment, and a lift of mood and outlook on life. It can trasport the spirit to a place of beauty and inspiration.”

"It's better to move them than amaze them.." - Andrés Segovia

Long story short...
Why is Andre on Patreon?
The business of being a professional musician has been in a huge state of change over the past few years. CD sales are all but gone. Venues offering live music are disappearing and paying less than they used to. Like so many musicians, Andre is in the process of adapting to the change from traditional music distribution and performances to an increasingly digital driven world. This isn’t easy, or cheap. He needs both proper equipment, and help, to make the move to digital at a professional level of quality that matches his art.

He has placed much of his music for sale digitally and on streaming services, but these don’t pay well. Streaming, in particular, requires numbers of plays in the tens of thousands to make just $100. (see “The Business Side” below for actual numbers).

While Andre will certainly maintain a focus on live performances, he will be adding new methods to help him make a living in this ever changing music world.

With the help of Patrons, like you we hope, he will begin a Video Vlog series where he will interview and play music with a wide variety of other musicians. He will begin online teaching workshops and individual lessons. He will continue to produce music videos, and more of them. He is currently working on a new album with two more in the planning stages. He’s working on a new poetry book in response to the many requests he’s had. Finally, your help will allow him to write much more new music to share with you.

Team Andre is working to ensure that Andre Feriante can continue creating new music, poetry, and visual art to share with you for years to come. One way to do this is here, through the help of Patrons just as Mozart, Michelangelo, Beethoven, and so many historic artists were financed by their Patrons. While each of them was supported by a single wealthy patron, today Patreon allows for the support of many patrons.

Andre is focused purely on his art and has never been one to compromise that art for money. He creates because it's who he is at his core; an artist. He simply wishes to create the highest quality works to share with the world.

That said, he still needs to cover basic living expenses, maintain his instruments, and cover the many expenses of producing his various arts. In short, the more support he gets here, the more time he will have to create brand new music, poetry, visual art, and videos for you to enjoy.

If you'd like to learn more about him, the business of music, and the reasons he has chosen to create this page, please read on. There is a lot of information below for those who like to go in-depth.

Patron Tiers
We have tried to create a number of tiers for almost every budget. Please click on the Tiers tab to compare levels and benefits. If you are interested in a higher level of patronage than listed in our tiers, please contact us. We would love to discuss the creation of a custom tier just for you.

Business Sponsorships
Andre is open to business sponsorships for concerts, video series, and tours. From concert programs, to posters, online, videos, merch table stands, personal appearances, and product endorsements, there are multiple ways we can connect your business with Andre’s many fans.

Projects: What Andre will create
These are projects in the works that Andre can create with the proper funding. With the current state of the music business, these are difficult to do. With your help, they can become a reality.

  • Three new albums in the works!
    • All-new original music!
  • Poetry Book!
    • He's been asked for one so often! It's in the works.
  • Patron-exclusive videos!
    • Music / Poetry / Conversation just for Patrons
  • Many new music videos!
    • Many will debut here on Patreon first
  • A new interview series!
    • Andre will interview, and play music with, other musicians
    • Short version (about 15 minutes) posted to YouTube
    • Extended, full interview, version for Patrons only

Your Patronage will help Andre in so many ways:
  • Allowing him to have more time to compose new music
    • He predominantly plays original compositions
  • Allowing him more time to rehearse
    • Every performance takes hours of rehearsal every week
  • Allowing him to record new albums
    • He has several planned
    • Recording studio time is very expensive
      • It takes several days to record and mix an album
    • Producing CD's for sale is expensive
  • Allowing him to create a new website
  • Allowing him to afford the additional services he has to pay to have done
    • Graphic Design for posters, social media, and merchandise
    • Printing: posters, brochures, programs, cards
    • Video Production
    • Web Design
    • Social Media management
    • Live Streams technical support
    • Streaming music site placement
    • Press Releases and other promotion
    • Booking services
    • Business office assistance
    • Help with merchandise sales
    • Help on the road for larger shows (stage setup, assistance)
    • Professional Grant Writing
    • Other assistance as needed
  • Allow him to rent a studio / office
    • Right now everything operates out of his apartment and his assistants home
    • Would provide recording space for audio and video
    • Would provide professional space to teach guitar lessons
  • Allowing him to work on his poetry book
  • Allow him to start his own online streaming “radio” channel
  • Help him toward the long term goal of operating a venue
    • Live performances
    • Art Gallery
    • Teaching Studio
    • Room for arts-related seminars and workshops
    • Office Space
    • Recording studio

Disclaimer: The following is for those who like in-depth information...
(At least I told you first)

Why is Andre on Patreon? (more info)
The world of art is an ever-changing landscape, whether it be visual, literary, or musical arts. Technology has changed the way art is created, delivered, and received. As a result, the way artists make a living has also changed. Where once there were record, tape and then CD sales, there are now free streaming sites that pay artists a fraction of a penny per play. This is one example that makes life more difficult for the career musician. Yet, in a way, there has been a return to the way things were done in the days of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Through services like Patreon, we have seen the return of the art Patron. We invite you to become one of Andre's Patrons.

This website, Patreon, is dedicated to connecting creators of all disciplines with those who love and want to support their creations in whatever way they individually can... the Patrons. Here, even those who can only spare a small amount can become a helping hand to the artist they appreciate. Andre deeply appreciates every contribution.

Recording, making videos, and touring is very expensive. So, those of us that work with Andre Feriante decided it was time to create a page here to help him continue to share his amazing art and healing music with you and the world. This, as said previously, will also help him make the transition to the digital world.

Your support will directly lead to the creation of more music recordings, new music videos, an expanded performance tour, Deep Sound Healing music experiences, online workshops and individual teaching, and his new online interview program! In return, you will receive a variety of rewards to thank you for your support.

The Business Side (The Secret Life of a Working Musician)
While there are select musicians who gain international fame, large studio record contracts, and a high income; this is relatively rare and often hinges more on timing and networking than on sheer talent. Most musicians fall into one of two categories: Hobby Musicians and Working Musicians. The Hobby Musician has a day job and plays mostly for fun and a little extra cash on the weekends.

The Working Musician, however, has chosen this as a career and puts massive hours into rehearsing to maintain their professional skills. That's not to say that working musicians aren't forced to have a "day job" too, but they are working toward making at least a living on performing for you. So many make only a modest living. One does not typically become wealthy as a working musician.

Andre Feriante is a full-time Working Musician. As such, every gig of every size is important to him. Every ticket sold, every tip, every patron contribution is what keeps him going. Every album sold, every CD, every download is vital. His total focus is on sharing his art with you, and this used to be much easier. For most of his career he's been able to make a modest living. Unfortunately, the business side of being a Working Musician has changed. With that change could come the loss of quality music for you.

There was a time when large numbers of venues would hire musicians, preferring the highly skilled Working Musicians like Andre over the hobbyist. The emphasis was on quality. Today there are far fewer venues offering live music and most are paying the same rates they did 10 or more years ago. Many want musicians to play only for tips and are not differentiating between brand new and virtuoso musicians.

Music sales have changed too. Where an artist could sell many CD's at a performance in years past, now people prefer downloads and even more... free-to-listen streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify. Unfortunately, these pay musicians one penny per play at the very best, but usually much less (as low as one penny per 11 plays).

Here's what the top streaming sites pay for a single play of a song in 2020.*

  • Amazon Music Unlimited: $0.0119 (Takes 8,403 plays to earn $100)
  • Napster: $0.0106 (Takes 9,434 plays to earn $100)
  • Tidal: $0.0099 (Takes 10,101 plays to earn $100)
  • Apple Music: $0.00563 (Takes 17,762 plays to earn $100)
  • Google Play Music: $0.00551 (Takes 18,149 plays to earn $100)
  • Amazon Prime: $0.00339 (Takes 29,499 plays to earn $100)
  • Spotify: $0.00318 (Takes 31,447 plays to earn $100)
  • Pandora: $0.00151 (Takes 66,225 plays to earn $100)
  • YouTube: $0.00087 (Takes 114,943 plays to earn $100)


As an independent contractor, Andre runs a small business. All expenses come out of his income. He has to maintain his instruments which sometimes need repairs. There is vehicle maintenance and fuel to every gig, not to mention his time driving. Sometimes venues are very far away or part of a tour. Extended distances and tours add expenses like restaurant food and hotel stays.

Promotions, graphic design, printing, videography, web design, venue booking, stage help, studio recording, book editing and layout, and office help are expenses that Andre has to hire out.

About Andre Feriante

The Andre Feriante Experience
In a world of many masterful musicians, what sets Andre Feriante apart is his mix of elegance and approachability; both in the music he writes and in his performance style. Andre brings a casual warmth to the stage as he invites his audience into a musical, and literal conversation where everyone feels special and welcome.

A seasoned, expressive performer, Feriante’s music appeals to any ear with a love and passion for music. His sensual, contemporary compositions bring a creative blend that speaks to people from all walks of life.

More than a concert, Andre Feriante provides an experience.

In addition to his traditional concerts and recordings, Andre is embracing the ability of his music to bring peace and a kind of healing to the souls of those who listen. Those leaving his concerts and his Deep Sound Healing sessions often comment on the experience as cathartic, transformative, transcendent, and yes, healing. As a result he offers specifically healing music experiences to individuals and groups.

Award winning virtuoso guitarist, composer, and poet Andre Feriante crafts songs that are a fusion of classical, flamenco, jazz and Brazilian music. His creations sing from the Spanish guitar, harp guitar, ukulele, nylon string banjo, charango, and most recently, the oud. He has dedicated his life to his art, and his ability to communicate through sound never fails to lead his audience on an emotional journey that is as deeply personal as it is universal.

With training by the great Andrés Segovia and Jose Tomas (Segovia’s assistant) in Madrid, Henry Rivas in Bogota, Columbia, and Leon Atkinson in New York., and with almost 40 years of performing and recording, Feriante has left his musical mark on the classical, world music, and fusion scenes. His musical journey has taken him across Europe, South America and throughout the United States. A crossover artist in the vein of YoYo Ma or Sting, his performance program represents a bold but fluid musical fusion, featuring predominantly his own compositions alongside music from Bach to Leonard Cohen, flamenco improvisation to jazz standards, and even poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Rumi and of course, Feriante himself.

Beneath the surface of his masterful playing, is a current that gives Feriante’s music a certain power. Andre translates his respect and care for his fellow man easily into his music, making it a place where emotions can be released. There is a mysterious quality to his music that transports one into the realms of myth and dream.

Andre Feriante draws on the flamenco traditions of Gypsies of Spain and Italy as well as from classical masters, such as Andrés Segovia, who recognized his talent and encouraged him early on. Andre had the privilege of studying with Segovia in a Madrid master class in 1983.

Inspired by the metaphysical mysticism of the Sufi poet Rumi, and even by the introverted pop balladry of artists such as Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, and Tom Waits, he began writing poetry, painting, and penning more innovative pieces of music that incorporated elements from his many musical influences.

Boundaries, like rules, are made to be broken. While it can be easy for an artist to settle into a genre, to inhabit a niche with a built-in audience, Feriante has instead set out along the road less traveled, a decision that has yielded musical results of compelling depth and extraordinary richness. Blending elements of many distinct styles with fluidity and grace, Feriante’s protean approach has led to the creation of a sound that is at once refreshingly unique and elementally approachable.

Additional Information
Andre Feriante is the host and artistic director of the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival and Seattle Guitar Night, two Northwest guitar festivals celebrating the beauty and diversity of the guitar.

Feriante has recently expanded his performances to an exploration of personal healing through music. As such, he was recently a featured speaker in a TEDx Talk about the healing qualities of music: TEDxTalk: The Power of Music to Heal, Transform and Inspire | Andre Feriante

Live appearances on dozens of radio shows and TV shows since 1980.

A frequent guest on Classic King FM and KUOW, Public Radio

Several of Andre’s 14 albums have charted in the top 10 radio airplay
- ‘Bohemian Boulevard’ charted No.1 (stayed #1 - 4 months)
- ‘best world album’ - New Age Reporter’s 2006 Lifestyle Awards.

Andres albums get played internationally on about 500 radio stations

Andre has been on the faculty of LiTFUSE (a poets’ workshop)
10% complete
Andre will begin work on his next CD.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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