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Podcast Tier 1- A World View

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A Remote View with Seer, Andrea Elizabeth

A Real-Life Podcast Series of Remote Viewings based in the current world Status. 

A Bi-Weekly View and/or Heads Up of how the current world energy will sit with you and even how to manipulate this energy and stay out of negativity

Bringing in new ideas of how to cope with what is happening in the 3D world.

Bringing in new Vantage Points of your own sight

This will be a Bi-Weekly Podcast

Podcast- Tier 2 - Bringing Sight to Life

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A Remote View with Seer, Andrea Elizabeth
Podcast Series 2 - Bringing Sight to Life

In this Bi-Monthly Series, Andrea Elizabeth expounds on her sight and brings her world into yours by a virtual existence through frequency.

As you listen to each podcast, the Frequency and Harmonics of the energy provided to Andrea Elizabeth by the Universe will naturally allow you to rise into the abyss of Andrea's Healing nature and be taught how to easily identify your light frequency and healing frequency so that you can begin to resonate and identify within this higher realm and frequency.

The tools brought to Andrea Elizabeth range from Harmonic Sounds, Sacred Geometry, DNA Strand Upgrades, Crystalline changes to our carbon body all created  through this higher realm and frequency.

Once you begin practicing, living and creating your life at a higher identification frequency, the quicker you will see things begin to line up energetically and you will begin to notice the sacredness of your life and your life's path.

Andrea Elizabeth has been given the gift of sight and wants each of you to benefit from it.

Join Andrea Today and begin your upward climb into eternity.

Implementation of your Destiny

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Opening the Doorway to Eternal Bliss

This Tier provides:

*Monthly Universal Attunement allowing the Universal Life Force Energy into your crown chakra, enabling you to receive benefits from the higher realm. 

*Monthly 30-Minute Meeting and Energetic Clearing which allows your body space to be cleansed and cleared and realigned in the universal Matrix of time.

*Access to weekly posts




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About Andrea Elizabeth

As a Universal Seer, I work within the higher realms of existence. I receive information directly from the universe and create much of my teachings from this communication. 

I am instructed to create what is needed for society. I am here to assist humanity to rise up and believe in their own Mastery. 

My courses, videos, channelings, books and healing sessions are all meant for the uplifting of the consciousness of humanity. All are relative to our future existence. 

The higher we vibrate physically, the higher our spiritual existence is co-creating on a higher plane of consciousness or universal existence. Thus, allowing our sight to be above and beyond the normal 3D human mind which allows us a huge advantage over what is being created on earth. 

Using the ideas of Reiki, Frequency and Universal Teachings a higher visionary sight and vibration your journey will rise and allow for the expansion of your inner guidance, your inner vision and your inner knowing or intuition. This will then allow for you to begin to administer each universal course into your life's interplay and begin manifesting resources to allow for you to live, create and excel onto a higher level of wealth, health and continued spiritual growth exceeding humanity at its lower levels. 

I thank you for joining me and trusting our journey together in this time of chaotic human life. It is tough out there, but learning to heal, manifest and begin thinking from the universal mind, as one, will absolutely change your life from beginning to the end. 

Welcome home. 

For more of my information and to see more of what I provide, please go to:

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