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My life has been a constant search for stories worth telling. From the games that made me dream new smells and sights, to the day to day interactions in the cafe with ordinary folks living extraordinary lives.

Now, I'm seeking to hone my ability to share stories with the world. Whether it's through the telling of fiction, or a tale only reality could spin.

I'd like to keep my model simple: Each month I will be releasing at least one paid post. Patrons purchasing stories through Patreon specifically may receive extras like behind the scenes story notes, spoilers and story teasers, and even potentially signed physical copies.

This will vary greatly on the size and context of the released project. The future holds many things!

My first major project planned is a high-fantasy world built upon the magnificent power of Ley-Energy. Land of the Ley-Lines: The Freyan Grove follows Marcus Wainwright, a fresh young recruit to the Freyan Guard. The inner city walls are filled with hustle and bustle. So much to see and do, what could possibly be worth worrying about outside the gates?

Marcus knows well what lurks outside the city. The Freyan Grove has shown him nothing but kindness. Now he must repay the favor, as the corrupted ghost of Aric returns to seek his vengeance for the boy who fettered his return.

Soon you will be able to follow Marcus on a journey of magic, social pressure, and a tale of mythical proportions!

Stay tuned for free Newsletters, Informational Blog Posts, and updates on upcoming written works!

Stay safe and healthy gang!

- Drew

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We all start somewhere! It may seem like a small number, but every Patron matters. Each Patron marks an individual who is interested in seeing more of my passion taken to the page. Besides being a huge motivator, this goal could allow me the capital to commission indie artists for more engaging cover pages.

As I reach this goal I would like to release a brand new Novella set in the Bartholomew universe!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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