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About Andrew Uphoff

As an independent writer, my goals in life are definitely tied to my ability to live as a writer. It's not easy to write, work a day job, and take care of everyday responsibilities for my waifu Connie and I. My goal here is to build a community around my writing that is accessible to all but allows my fans to help me live and gain experiences that help me grow as a writer.

Major influences on my writing style are video games like Borderlands, Metroid, Final Fantasy and oh so many more.

Borderlands adds a level of levity to the serious setbacks of a corporate dystopian future. They may be killing each other without a second thought, but there is an underlying reason why they became the way they are. This theme comes into play in small ways, lending more serious consideration to stories like Forming A System while Rey's growth and understanding of life cause her to take it less seriously as she moves forward.

Metroid lends serious consideration to solitary problem-solving. Samus is rarely accompanied by much other than her ship. Story development comes from paying attention to detail, rather than specific cues that instill an idea into a reader's mind. You'll see much more of this in upcoming works!

Final Fantasy has been an inspiration since I was a kid. I've played both FFXI and FFXIV, the MMORPG's that build massive worlds and entire communities around it. The Land of the Ley-Lines stories are heavily influenced by SquareEnix's love of crystals as a power source that makes explaining certain philosophical situations much easier by simplifying the actions required to portray it.

I'm also a big fan of Ray Bradbury and his writing style. I've read a few of his short stories in the book The Cat's Pajamas, which was the main inspiration for my Bartholomew series. It's a fun world to build and play with, especially when the fun is creating endings that are much less grand than Bartholomew ever hopes for!

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my work. It's a wonderful thing to live life and know there are people I've never met that may have read and enjoyed my work without my even knowing it. The next step is to find those who enjoyed it so much they just had to let me know! Whether that's a comment, an e-mail, or by showing your support by subscribing, I will always appreciate those that take the time to tell me what they think of my work.

Thank you so much for reading my Patreon page, and I hope my work can bring a little spark of inspiration to your day!

- Drew
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We all start somewhere! It may seem like a small number, but every Patron matters. Each Patron marks an individual who is interested in seeing more of my passion taken to the page. Besides being a huge motivator, this goal could allow me the capital to commission indie artists for more engaging cover pages.

As I reach this goal I would like to release a brand new Novella set in the Bartholomew universe!
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