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My life has been a constant search for stories worth telling. From the games that made me dream new smells and sights, to the day to day interactions in the cafe with ordinary folks living extraordinary lives.

My model moving forward is simple: Publish a chapter of Land of the Ley-Lines each week. Sounds easy, but it will eventually be far more reaching than simply a chapter each week.

The goal is to provide steady content each week while working towards fully published and purchasable books, both digital and print copies. While each week's chapter will continue the story, they will be following a series of fully-fledged fantasy novels. I've been visiting Dorana for years in my short stories. It's perhaps the most intriguing world in my storytelling arsenal, and I'm finally ready to build this world of magic and mayhem! 

Land of the Ley-Lines Concept:

We follow Marcus Wainwright, a young guard in the inner city of Freya. Growing up a poor farmer's adopted son, he often made away from the city walls as he matured. The wild called to him. He heard whispers of a sultry voice luring him towards the Freyan grove. How could a boy in a land of magic resist his curiosity? Meeting the avatar of the forest Yrelia, she trained him in the bow and the ways of manipulating the Ley-Lines.

The first chapter of Land Of The Ley-Lines begins with a so-called camping trip to the grove. Marcus has seen the importance of maintaining the sanctity of the grove. When Yrelia warns him of an ancient corruption building beneath the great Willow of Freya, he knows he must investigate at any cost.

His friend Jon Fratley spends his days talking his way into trouble in the city's underbelly. When he hears whispers of the entire black market shutting down for the weekend, he searches immediately for the one person in the guard he trusts to investigate: Marcus.

Unfortunately for him, and the entire capital of Freya, Marcus has an important investigation of his own. Will Marcus cleanse the corruption beginning to deteriorate the Ley-Lines beneath the great grove? What will happen to Jon when the only guard he trusts is nowhere to be found? Could the city be in danger much like the grove?

Subscribe and you can follow Marcus and Jon as their own tales begin to unfold!

There will be more than just chapters each week based on your tier, so be sure to check out every tier for more content each week! Thank you folks, stay safe and healthy!

- Drew

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We all start somewhere! It may seem like a small number, but every Patron matters. Each Patron marks an individual who is interested in seeing more of my passion taken to the page. Besides being a huge motivator, this goal could allow me the capital to commission indie artists for more engaging cover pages.

As I reach this goal I would like to release a brand new Novella set in the Bartholomew universe!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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