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About Andrew Uphoff

My life has been a constant search for stories worth telling. From the games that made me dream of sights and smells of fantastic lands, to the day to day interactions in the cafe with ordinary folks living extraordinary lives.

Much of the last few years have been taxing on me for a lot of reasons. Through all of it I've still sought to better myself through writing. Being bombarded with life's whims has made it difficult for me to sit down and afford time to write even for my own enjoyment.

Things are quieting down in my personal life now to the point I feel I can continue working and providing value again through the written word. I know I'm not perfect, and I will always have growing to do - even as a writer. It makes it that much more meaningful to have people willing to grow with me!

For now I'd like to keep the agenda to writing largely for enjoyment and to begin spreading smiles and ideas for anyone willing to take the time to find them. I have multiple story universes I like to write in and am having a hard time pinpointing which one I'd like to move forward with as far as creating full novels.

The three main universes are:

Bartholomew's Adventures - A fantasy world of anthropomorphic animals of all kinds. Driven by magic, instinct, and puns, the land of Furth is sure to have something enjoyable for everyone.

Land of the Ley-Lines - A fantasy/scifi world created with one idea in mind: What would the evolution curve look like if "magic" drove human technology forward. Mythical beasts, spirits, and power-hungry humans create a beautiful and terrifying landscape!

Forming a System: Uncharted Territory - SciFi meets Fantasy as Rey Lionhart finds her place in the universe. Ley-Lines run like webs across the cosmos, binding and worlds and universes alike. The Uncharted Territory, run by a Pangean super-AI called Rig, is a research cruiser built to explore Ley-Anomalies across the universe.

I hope you all find my work enjoyable to read, and thank you for your continued support!

- Drew
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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