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  • I'll be releasing various digital books and stuff in the future, and you'll qualify for them all, for free.
  • Get in contact with me regarding any questions you have about your truck, or places you want to visit. My door is open.
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About Andrew St.Pierre White

Welcome to my Patreon page. Here, for less than the price of a coffee each month, you can have front-row seats to everything I do and support my independence from sponsors.

No matter the amount you wish to contribute, you will be contributing to every video I make, and get to see then all.

In a recent decision, there will now be far more exclusive content here on Patreon. These exclusive videos are mainly the epic journeys, the high-budget productions shot in many countries around the world, that will now not be public.

I'm half 4WD enthusiast, half filmmaker. Both of these pursuits germinated when I was very young, and developed alongside each other during my professional career.

I bought my first 4x4 at 22. I won my first international editing award at 24. I bought my second 4x4 at 29. Around this time I gave up editing and went into publishing my own 4WD books and maps. Somewhere in between I learned how to fly and gliders became a second obsession. When I was about 50 I returned to full-time filmmaking, producing an adventure travel show for South African TV. Nine series have since been broadcast in six countries.

During all this, I've owned another 14 4x4s and driven on five continents in 16 countries. I've fallen in love with Land Cruisers, Mercedes-Gs, Land Rovers and even a few that I've been loaned. 

So now, I'm nearing retirement age, although cannot see myself ever doing that. I love what I do far too much. I echo the words of Stephen Fry who said, "Work is more fun than fun."


It's simple, so I can keep it short.

I used to spend 70% of my time chasing sponsors, only to be instructed what to say and when to say it. I was awfully bad at this, mainly because I wanted their money, but argued with them when they asked me to say some stuff. This combination didn't work well. I might have found life far easier if I had acquiesced, but I just couldn't make it sincere, when it wasn't. I'm a poor actor. 

Many channels fund their creations, truck builds, expeditions and content with product sponsors, but they have to handle the scripted product promos and all that stuff. But for me, Patreon is the answer. It means I have no need of traditional sponsors, don't spend time chasing them, and I can stay truly independent. So your contribution not only pays for this independence in a very direct sense, but you get front-row seats to everything I do and create. You become my 'people'. It's because of you, that I keep doing this, and you keep enjoying this. It's quite a modern concept that niche producers like myself can do what we love, and share our experience, and niche interests can be fed.

Being a Patreon

As a Patreon you will receive an email the moment a new video is released and that means you'll be the first to see them, and no videos will go missing. Some are exclusive to Patreon.  And every second month, you are invited to join our Patreon-exclusive live YouTube broadcast Q&As. It's your chance to have questions answered. Ask me anything.

Everyone gets to make contact with me directly on the message board. Hundreds ask me questions every month, and while it's impossible to react to every one, I do read every one.

Your contribution goes directly towards the creation of content, and not paying for videos in the traditional sense. Some videos will be long, others short, some free, some paid, some shot in distant lands in faraway places, some in my workshop or studio.

We make about 75 videos every year. And don't forget the bi-monthly podcasts! (every two months)

Be part of Andrew's world now.

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Patreon will deduct from your account whatever you decide to contribute, automatically, and pay me. It's important to me that you set a maximum monthly amount. Patreon supplies an invaluable service and I'm happy to pay their modest charges.

Thank you so much for being so awesome!

And please don't be shy about telling me what you like and would prefer more of. It helps me understand what the fans enjoy the most about my videos.

If you are interested in PATREON to earn income from your own creations, click the link below. 
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I've called it our 100-Island project. We started with North and South Islands New Zealand. And we have islands like Tasmania, Fraser Island and Hawaii in our plans now, and later more exotic islands like Madagascar, Iceland and the Falkland Islands in our sights. Join-us!
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