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is creating 💪 Hardcore Year - 😱 quit job to ship startups + make 📈 profit

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About Andrey Azimov

I'm Andrey 😊

I'm an Indie Maker from Ukraine currently living in Bali

🌟I have a dream: I want to ship products and earn $1,000/month (recurring) doing it

So I decided to quit my job to ship startup(s) for 1 year.

💪1 Hardcore Year 

I  made a commitment to myself to make a product(s) with $1,000 / monthly revenue by shipping full time for 1 year. I’m going to leave the results of my experiment open for other entrepreneurs to watch.

In these upcoming 365 days, my plan is to become a hardcore shipper. I’m going to make as many products as I can in these few weeks and cross my fingers the parachute will deploy.
I’ve made a conscious decision to be as open with my goals as possible. It’s this accountability that is going to force me to finish what I started, practice discipline and learn to be consistent.

Currently, I'm working on:
MacBook Alarm - Alarm for your Mac
Make OS X Great Again - Fix the things that make OS X annoying
Progress Bar OSX - How much % of a year/month/day has passed in the menu bar 
- - Generate a website from Google Sheet

Some of my previous projects
Dark Mode List
Push to Deploy
When to Surf

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