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Every little bit helps and it really goes a long way to helping me create more tutorials for the community.

I truly appreciate everyone who can contribute toward these goals and am humbled that I can be of help to people around the world.

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About Doug

What I Do Now

My goal is to create as many tutorials, tips, tricks and guides for as many Android smartphones and tablets as possible. When a major device is first released I will go through and write some basic guides for things like booting into recovery mode and doing factory resets. Then I'll dig into the device more and write about how to root the smartphone or tablet as well as other hacks like how to install a custom recovery.

Once those are out of the way I get to go through the software and teach readers about the ins and outs of what is available. These are categorized as tips on and they are my way of teaching people about the phone or tablet that they have in their hands. Not everyone has the time or the desire to learn all their is about their new gadget and this is how I help them out.

My tutorials are broken down into step by steps guides that walk you through everything you need to know. I've received thousands of comments telling me how easy the most complex tasks are thanks to my tutorials and this is where I feel that I excel. Instead of you having to spend hours learning how to do something, I write it all out and teach you the steps along the way.

What I Can Do

I have started doing basic video tutorials to be included in my written tutorials, but I'm using very basic equipment to record audio and video (just my Nexus 6P with a cheap mic). At the first tier, I will be able to purchase more devices so that I can create even more tutorials, tips, tricks and guides for the community.

If we can get to the second tier, then I can purchase better equipment so that my tips and tutorial videos both look and sound better. This tier will also allow me to dedicate more time to Android Explained, and that will enable me to put out 4 to 5 more tutorials each week. As it is now, I can only post one each day and this means it can take me a month or two before I have completed guides for a device. Being able to post more than one per week day will allow me to get to newer devices faster than I can right now.

The last tier here will allow me to be completely funded by the community and this will mean that I can remove all of the ads that I have placed around my content. This goes for the website as well as the YouTube videos, and means that the content will be free from all distractions.
$0 of $500 per month
If we can get to this teir, then I will be able to use these funds to purchase even more Android smartphones and tablets. I can only buy so many devices each year with money from my own pocket, and reaching this tier will allow me help more people.

I tend to create tutorials for the more popular devices now, so this means that the mid-range and low-end smartphones get left out due to lack of funds. I usually don't cover tablets because how the industry is right now with Android tablets, but this could help me afford the more popular ones.

This tier will also allow me to keep devices so that I can do updated tutorials and videos in the future as software updates roll out. As it is right now, I'm using my own money so this almost always means that I have to sell the device after a few months so that I can afford the next big smartphone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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