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Android Headlines is the place to be for Android and Technology News. Technology has massively changed over the years and with everything now connected, Android Headlines believes it’s better to be informed on everything connected. So here at AH you will find articles on just about every aspect of technology, including Android, Google, Smartphones, Chromebooks, Tablets, Apps, Games, Smart Home, 5G and IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Audio and Visual, Self-driving Cars and the latest emerging tech and more.

The Past, Present & Future

Android Headlines first arrived on the scene back in 2010 although it was a much smaller operation back then. Over the years the site has grown to what you see today. Much like how operating systems have evolved AH has grown to be more inclusive of new devices and technologies. For us at AH, everything is about context and the bigger picture. Of course, this does not mean Android has taken a backseat on the site as Android Headlines now publishes more articles each day on Android than ever before. It just means you’ll get more information on other areas of technology as well, and you’ll always get the full story.

What We Do

The news is integral to the way Android Headlines operates and it always will be one of the main aspects you can count on when visiting our site. However, the news is only one part of the full story and this is where our additional and feature-led coverage comes in. At Android Headlines, we are serious about ensuring news is news and opinions are opinions, so features that take a more edgy tone will always be labeled so you know the difference.

Our Reach

Android Headlines is in a never-ending growth cycle and each year we publish more articles and cover more news than the year before. We have written and published near 100,000 and these articles now reach Millions and Millions of unique readers each year. Part of the reason for our substantial reach is the great support we encounter on social media. In total, AH now enjoys more than 3 million social media followers and can be found on all the major social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Wherever you are on social media, we are too.

Our Team

Android Headlines is not only a 24/7 operation but also a global one and that is best summed up in our great team. As the Android Headlines family is made up of more than 15 staff writers and editors who are located in different parts of the world, including the US, Europe, and Asia. This diverse team works around the clock to keep people informed on the latest technology news as it happens - and where it happens. This also means when it comes to events you can count on AH to not just bring you the news, but the full story. As our team is always on the ground at all the major tech events including CES, MWC, Google I/O, as well as manufacturer-specific launch events, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Nokia, and more.
In spite of their differences, the one common trait all our team members share is a passion for Android and Technology. Here at AH, all our staff is technology-focused and not just interested in bringing you the news, but interested in the news. We also have specific members of staff who now specialize in certain areas including auto, audio, visual, and games. So you are not just getting an opinion, but an informed opinion from someone who uses the products and services, and mostly on a daily basis.

Support Our Team

Android Headlines is an independent Expert Android News Outlet not controlled by big corporations and pride our self on giving you the full story not the heavily edited generic news pieces that are commonly produced by other outlets worried about partner relationships then providing the facts. We have avoided the paywalls, subscription based models and kept the free format as the internet was intended for. However we pay the bills and staff off money generated through affiliate and the evil display ads that everyone hates but are a necessary evil in order to run a independent news organization. However over the years revenue from ads has shrunk and people opted for ad blockers, shrinking our revenue streams. In order to survive we need our our readers and followers to help keep our independent journalism alive and kicking with donations that will help support and keep our site thriving so we can bring you the best content possible. So if you enjoy reading our site please contribute and if you can contribute monthly to ensure we have a long and prosper independent Expert Android News Outlet.

Thank you for Supporting Android Headlines

Android Headlines would not be where it is today without readers and it’s you who is the final ingredient in the recipe that makes us, us. So from everyone here at AH, thank you for always supporting the site and always feel free to reach out on social media or by emailing us directly at [email protected] to let us know what we could be doing better or if you like a particular piece of content.
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