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The one and only tier as this launches: Patrons receive archived and never-published content, all the work that never made it into the newsletter or my regular magazine contributions. From reviews of new nonfiction books to analyses of political, legal and global news as it happens, you'll be on the inside and in the know before anyone else. 

More specifically, each Patron will receive:

1. A special month-in-review edition of the newsletter, helping you keep tabs on the best, most-important and most-overlooked writing and reporting from the preceding month. Our news cycle is exhausting; it can feel painfully repetitive, even before 2020 starts. Let me help you make sense of it as painlessly--and pithily--as possible.

2. Draft essays and original, research-backed projects as they unfold. It takes a lot of work to pull together an essay on, say, Marianne Williamson's historical clashes with the media, or on the comparative politics view of America as a recently consolidated democratic regime. But that work--and these projects, among many others--are always under progress. You'll get the inside track on what's coming up next in my writing, reporting and research, essentially in real-time. 

3. Merch! Goodies! As T.T.C. and my other, individual projects grow, I'll be rolling out original products for those who--like you--have made it all possible. Once we've reached that level, together, I'm always keen for feedback on what you'd love to see, own, or do through your generosity. Let me know!

This is just the beginning, and as things change--as more perks come out and more opportunities to repay my thanks arrive--you'll be the first to know. 

About Andy Carr

This page supports my research and writing on American politics, legal news and analysis, and more -- any and all support is deeply appreciated.

Nearly six months ago I began Through the Cracks ("T.T.C."), a Substack-based semi-weekly newsletter highlighting under-appreciated gems from reporting and writing in online media, along with some original media criticism and analysis from yours truly. I've been so glad to see it grow, and simply thrilled to include more and more of my original writing in more-recent issues. It's a labor of love, first and foremost, hence why I've left it as a free sign up throughout.

So, what does your support do to support my work? It might be said too often, but any bit of help does make a difference. While I'm a contributor at Instinct Magazine, as well as a book reviewer, freelance editor, and more, I'm also a deeply indebted J.D. undertaking doctoral studies in New York City, of all places. Your support helps defray upfront costs relating to all my work at T.T.C., including newspaper subscriptions (New York Times, Washington PostLos Angeles Times and others, for instance); purchases for book reviews (which I will be rolling out in coming weeks); and, as this project continues to blossom, tailor-made content for the patrons who make it all possible. An extensive amount of work and writing is left on the cutting-room floor, so to speak, in every newsletter -- as well as in all my reported work at Instinct and elsewhere. (Just check on my Medium account to see some recent writing that didn't quite fit in with my other ongoing projects for a small sample.)

If you want to help shake the tired, repetitious "takes" out of our so-called discourse and help an emerging writer point out what others too often overlook, you're in the right place. 

No matter your level of support--whether financial or emotional--it's immensely appreciated. Thank you so much.
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