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The Enthusiast

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Join our film community and be a part of the adventure!

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  • Our eternal gratitude as you help us continue

Production Assistant

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Prepare your questions: Access our live Q&A!

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  • Access our live video-chat where we answer your questions! The video is also available afterwards. 

Production Coordinator

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Access Andyax’s life and learn the secrets of becoming a filmmaker!

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  • Vlogs; Behind the scenes, quick tips, secrets and much more ...


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What should we make next? Get access to our idea list and give us suggestions for new videos!

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  • Access and comment our idea list

Sound Designer

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Andyax’s Goodiebag!

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  • Get your name at the end of every new video.
  • Download an uncompressed version of each video

Executive Producer

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You like to have full control of the production!

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  • Get credited as Executive Producer in the beginning of our videos
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Let’s talk about filmmaking.

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  • After every new video, access a private mentoring session with Andyax together with max five others...


$1,000 /creation
This reward is for one person only. In addition to all our rewards, you choose o...