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Honestly? This is if you wanna donate/ contribute so  I can keep creating. And if I mess up and the product/recipe sucks, I can perfect it by ordering more supply! I would rather you have the best outcome if you make any of my recipes or DIY Content

***Do NOT  edit this pledge any lower than $2, or risk elimination from my page- I've made this quite  affordable for access , Thank You****

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This is so I can keep busy in the kitchen so ya'll can keep busy in the kitchen too! This will help with especially with Ingredients to make sure the outcome is perfect. 

 Also, I may throw a DIY Crafting here and there if time permits. 

Cuz you think I'm amazing LOL
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I'm just kidding!

I appreciate if you do happen to donate at this Tier. Just know you are truly appreciated! 

This can also help for  Gadgets I can review   where there is a possibility  that #AngelMadeMeDoIt  #AngelMadeMeBuyIt  



About Angel Posadas-Miller || Angel619SD

Welcome to my Patreon Page!
If you are here, it's because you want me to keep creating  to the best of my ability!
You may  know of  my love of Cooking (mainly Low Carb- but I don't discriminate), my Angel "Hacks", and my other DIY Creativity.

     I started this Patreon Page  because I wanted this to be more of a "teachable space'" for me, more than I can do on Instagram which I do love. This page is fairly new, so right now. I launched my very first recipe September 14, 2019 which was my Low Carb White Bread which was a total Labor of Love.  I do have 2 recipes up at this time because we are LEARNING the different methods  of making the bread... Zojirushi Bread Machine, Regular Bread Machine, Stand Mixer Method, Hand Kneading and hopefully No Kneading.   Moving Forward, I will be putting out more White Bread Recipes such as New England Buns, Rolls, Pandesal, Burger Buns, Baguettes, English Muffins, Pretzels, Pizza Dough, Bagels, Cinnamon Rolls, Sticky Buns, and more!
     I will also be  incorporating Desserts, Main Dishes, and some  DIY/ Crafting/ Giftable items.

So keep in mind, at this time, this page is VERY NEW, and you will see my Low Carb White Bread Recipe and their methods. It's a process as I'm careful to put detail in what I am doing.So many more recipes will be following.  
     DO NOT share any ingredients or recipes outside of this platform. No Screenshooting, and Sharing. I have worked hard on this platform, and it's not fair to Me, nor is it fair for the other Patrons here. If I find out, you will be blocked on my site and suffer some Social Media Repercussions and will be called out hard core.  I hope you can respect that. 

     If you are wanting to make my Low Carb White Bread, I will be honest, it might prove to be difficult to look for the ingredients outside of the United States.        

Many of my Canadian Patrons have been able to find their ingredients needed as well.

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