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Hello friends my names Angel Espino, and the reason I have this page is because I'm a struggling online host, and I need your help... I've been doing podcast shows for about a decade, and in recent months have come under really bad health to the point that I've been without work for months now.

In order to keep the shows, and the network alive I'm going to need the help of all those who are friends, or fans of the shows or both... I know everyone's got bills but even a dollar or two a month helps. 

With this page I will provide exclusive content first to all those who help me grow my network, and for those who really become top patreon supporters who want to join what we're trying to grow with PSN RADIO as a host you will be welcomed into the network at no extra cost so you too could have your own show.

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Again I'm Angel Espino and chances are most of you know me from my previous work on Skywatchers Radio, Future Theater, Inside Tha Jackals Head or The Round Table Show. At heart I'm a film fan, and amature film maker who loves to talk movies, comics, the paranormal, and ufology. I love to analyze, examine and talk about it all even sports. This is why I've had 3 main shows, and produced for a handful of people like Bill & Nancy Birnes on their show "Future Theater."

Well after a stint on Dark Matter Radio Network owned by Art Bell we had some buzz growing after already having the show on air for 3 seasons but since being let go by the network due to changes once Art passed we have ventured back to being only on PSN RADIO, and are trying to build up shows that are both respectable but fun for the entire listening audience. But that's not just what I do... I also have other shows I host, and co host and there are video shows I plan on doing which include remote location shows at conventions nationwide.

This costs a lot of money, and so far I've been able to self finance my travels, and the radio shows but as time passes my health has got pretty bad, and doing all this work a part from a full time job is becoming increasingly hard to do. This is why this page is here. To help keep me busy doing what I love, and that's creating both audio, and video shows for you the fans, and friends who I've gained over the last few years.

My contribution to the shows are in large entertainment based but what I consider to be my main contribution to society is to be their voice, and to let them speak via me. I don't hide anything from my listeners, and viewers, and I don't lie to my listeners, and viewers. Why? Because to me they are more than listeners, and viewers they are part of my extended family. I've come to know you very well over the last decade, and you have come to know me very well from my highs and to my lows, and for me to keep doing this sort of work as I get older I have to do it with some help.

To do this full-time (creating weekly radio shows, and 40-50 videos per month on my own takes a lot of time) is an expensive endeavor. It was actually my viewers who told me about Patreon and encouraged me to use it because they also believed in my mission and wanted a way to contribute to its success.

First of all, if you are someone who takes time out of your day to watch my content, then I am truly honored, and blessed. Just your viewership helps the channel on YouTube, so thank you for that! If you're someone who doesn't have enough money to do much more than make ends meet, then I don't want your money. Your participation as a viewer and commenter is more than enough! Thank you... And please don't be a stranger to me or my show.

If you're able to join any of the levels, then your contribution to the channel and mission of the videos can't adequately be put into words. You are, quite accurately, the very life blood of my shows both on Youtube and PSN Radio. Not only does it allow me to create all this monthly content on an ongoing basis, but it also inches us closer to being able to hire other creative people to help with editing, graphics and other on-camera talent to increase the quality of my work. You are not only an observer of my journey, you are on the journey with me! Thank you, and I love you all for your ongoing support.
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My goal is to be able to continue my work in bringing you content which is both honest, and true. To not only enlighten my followers but to also be able to do this full time.

Hitting 500 patrons would ensure the continued work I've started both on PSN RADIO, and on my Youtube channel, and is all it would take to keep the YouTube channel alive and thriving.
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