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About Gabrielle Angel Lilly

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon page!

My name is Gabrielle, though most of my friends call me Angel. 

I need your help!
Please come with me for a journey into the future I am building.
We are co-creating so many fantastic things!

I have been incubating a vision for very large scale Mega Sculpture Unity/Community Building...a sort of Play Center. A church and a school. Ted Talk meets Meow Wolf. I want to start it by the end of this year, probably outside Santa Fe, though possibly in Southern NM near the future Space Station, or further North. Eventually I would like to build many of them. For now, let's start with the first one.

It is in the shape of two dragons. They circle around an enclosed space with is a small performance area and experimental play arena.
Inside there is art, music, classes, tacos, tapas, tea, and more.

Each table is themed and offers its own unique experience. Aimed at families and groups and individuals. There are charging stations outside for your electric car. As you enter, your senses are soothingly stimulated, your mood is instantly elevated by the moderated atmosphere.

I have also started podcasting as of this month, and continue to produce unscripted videos for my YouTube channel.
Updates coming soon!

Settings are currently set to reoccur on a monthly basis, and you can cancel anytime you need to.

My goal is to raise a remarkable $7,777,777 and more this summer so that I can get the first center built and operational in under three years.
That might seem like a lot to you at first. We lose more than that in coffee shops every day, I wager.

So, here is my idea:
I'm going to hold a contest between numbers, to see which amount is most popular, or which amount people are most comfortable supporting me with.
The first level is $3. It will take 2,592,592 people supporting me at that level to reach my goal.
The next level is $7. It will take 1,111,111 people's support at this level to reach this goal.
The next level is $10. It will only take 777,777 people to support my vision at this level to reach my goal.
The next level is $100. It will only take 77,777 people's support at this level to reach my goal.
Special donations of $1000 are also highly encouraged. At this level, it will only take a meer 7,777 people to support my vision.

So...which amount to do you think is most likely to do best?
Will you vote with your support?
Here's what you will get in return:
First of all, you will be supporting a great vision for our collective future. I have a dream in which all humans feel free and accepted and worthy of their own love. I have a dream of a human kind which is mindful of itself, each other, and the world we live in. I have a dream of building these play centers where we can share information and inspiration. We can cultivate and share cultures and food and music and knowledge. We can practice thriving together.

In addition, I am offering:
$3 one digital photo/printable photoart
$7 two digital photos/printable photoart and one song
$10 three digital photos/printable photoart and two songs
$27 above plus membership in private fb group with special content every month.
$100 above plus group healing distance session
$1000 private distance healing session, custom credit on paver in entryway of Unity Play Center *Up to 17 characters. Some guidelines apply. Contact me for details.

Please consider becoming a supporter, drop me a comment, and visit often.

Here's on outline of my current plans:
Some of you have been following my progress the last ten years as I have explored various traditional and alternative building techniques through my Head Hutt and Foo Dog Megasculptures (see hundreds of pictures in my Facebook albums). I started these projects as a way of coping with extreme distress I was feeling over the state of our ecology and the world’s governing agencies complete failure at every opportunity. I started studying Permaculture, microclimates, and reforesting methods; passive temperature moderation for buildings, and alternatives to current architecture. I have a vision to build a network of Unity Sculptures around the globe, as my small way of contributing to a more positive, sustainable, enjoyable future. I am looking forward to sharing much more about that in the near future. Meanwhile, I am struggling to afford supplies and keep the lights on while I wrap up the finishing details of my classroom projects.

I want to bring my story to people who might be inspired by it, and I want to share what I have learned so far, and continue to explore these topics. I also need your help to get my first Unity sculpture off the concept floor and into the ground! My first order of business will be finishing the Head Hutt and Foo Dog, and more fully documenting and recapping my process. I am going to make a series of short how-to and discussion films that will go over some of the important things I learned, including take away lessons, important mistakes, specific techniques, recipes, and overall costs. I will produce, edit, and publish at least one of these each month, for your viewing pleasure. By the end of this year, I hope to have a short documentary film or series of videos, and at least one book on these projects to add to my portfolio.

Once I am making at least $2500 a month here I will be making much quicker progress with that.
Third is to find enough support for my work that I can move into the next phase and actually begin building my first Unity MegaSculpture. I will need at least $25,000 per month the first year and $50,000 or more per month the second year to move forward and get it complete in 2 years.
So my first round of rewards for Patrons will be special access to all my videos as I go through this process. If you would like to prepurchase a DVD or book, or both, I will make those options available very soon.
The second, ‘mother load’ goal is to get enough support to be able to build my first Kissing Dragons Unity Sculpture and Amphitheatre. I aim to secure the land, firm up plans, get all permits and begin building by 2018. My goal is to have that Sustainability space functioning in a self-sustaining way by 2020. At that point I should have a plan established for the second phase of ‘operation promote global peace, diversity, and unity by sharing music and art’. This phase will include building or networking with other centers around the globe to establish a global performing artist exchange program.

Some of the plans for the Unity Sculpture and Sustainability Center include
  • A community artspace that encourages viewers to participate in visual and auditory art.
  • A community garden that utilizes food waste from local schools or business centers and demonstrates closed loop, zero waste systems of food production.
  • A small and simple café serving fresh, healthy, and quick food options.
  • An art gallery to show local, traveling, and sponsored artists from around the world.
  • Indoor and outdoor performance or presentation space.
  • Passive heating and cooling technologies to demonstrate in action.
  • Solar and wind energy
  • Water collection and reuse
  • Food forest and Permaculture methodology demonstrations
  • Educational programs for members and entertainment for visitors.
$3.75 of $500 per month
My first related goal is to replace old and busted camera equipment with some refurbished new hotness, so that I can do a better job of documenting my progress as I move forward. That will get me rolling again with a basic action camera and a basic SLR for quality still shots and decent quality video.
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