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Thanks Doll♥

$1 /mo
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More of Angelique ♥

$5 /mo
♥You can watch my bonus ASMR videos! (mostly short personal attention roleplays)

♥I love getting to know you! This is a great place for us to get to know each other a little better and shar...



$10 /mo
♥Access to my deleted YouTube Content - All your favourite deleted content from my channel will be uploaded for my Patrons! 

♥Access to unseen ASMR videos - Some of my work I decide ...


Fan Love♥

$20 /mo
Exclusive Super Tingly Monthly Video - Unique ideas to connect with you on a more deeper and personalised level. Such as whispering your names, Tracing your names and MORE!


ASMR Just For You♥

$100 /mo
♥Personalised video by Angelique ASMR

♥ 10 minute video clip of your choice. It can be anything you like! (strictly ASMR only)

♥ You will be sent a priva...