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About AngouriMath

AngouriMath is among of the most advanced open-source computer algebra libraries for .NET. It is intended to provide basic and complex functions for expression manipulation, from simplification to integration. It is being developed by enthusiasts. Visit

An example of AngouriMath being used in Jupyter Notebook:

This project is not a replacement for SymPy, at least, for now. But it's a light-weight easy-to-use library for .NET applications, software and libraries. It's a good choice if you're building a calculator, an app to translate an expression into LaTeX, a school app for basic equations, or trying to perform some computations remotely.

What makes it even easier to install is that it is published on  NuGet, it's literally installable in one click. Nonetheless, feel free to join our Discord server to ask questions, give recommendations or critique. 

Open source makes this world a better place.

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