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           It is Time to Join Team Awesome!                                 
Youtube isn't cutting it anymore and I need your help that's just plain and simple.

What I do and don't do:
I don't do any sponsored reviews, I buy every game I review even if the devs give me a code and give it away to watchers, and I don't BS. Youtube still demonetizes or rates most of my videos as adult.

What you can do:
It is just me alone, I don't have a team I am not one of a bunch of people pretending to be plucky and start on my own with a ton of business ties or 3 patron accounts.
If I have warned you about a game that's 12 months worth of patron at the 5 dollar level. 
If I found you an awesome game it's the same.
Buying games and reviewing cost money and Youtube just isn't cutting it ever anymore. I get 

Who am I:
It is just me alone, I don't have a team I am not one of a bunch of people pretending to be plucky and start on my own with a ton of business ties or 3 patron accounts.
I am a gamer, modder, no bullsh*t talker.

Second thought;
I offer an amazing discord, awesome patrons bonuses, and the content you see. If I saved you money by warning you away from a crap game or found the one you liked be a Patron.
I also study games all the time, test games, have developers come on both youtube and my twitch channel acgontwitch. I am not here to randomly spout crap at you and ask for cash. I back it up by checking facts and removing BS.

ACG is not a big team, a former group of people from a website, or a large entity. It is just me working my a$$ off to make game reviews not mired in the untrustworthy crap that has existed before.

Supporting ACG is supporting a creator who works hard and puts their money on the line just like you. I don't hold my opinion back regardless.
However, YouTube is crushing a lot of creators and I am one of them. 

What do you get?
  • Truth in games coverage
  • Karak Couch Commentaries PATRON FIrst Impressions
  • Timely - Reviews
  • Fun -  Patron Only Podcasts
  • Monthly Patron Game Days
  • Friday - International Podcast

What Else?
  • An amazing discord server with fair moderation and amazing daily discussion
  • SWAG
  • Long-form discussion videos called Walking the Walk. These have been lauded by Avalanche games, Capcom, Activision, Insomniac, Gorilla Games and many others.
  • Patron Podcasts, weekly podcasts, and weekly streams where you get to jump onto the video discussions be recorded and thrust out into the internet with me

" />

If you are tired of the game industries issues and want  Game Breakdownsreal reviews that aren't sponsored and where every game reviewed is bought by me & Weekly Podcasts This is the place. We also have an amazing community, Community Discussion Videos & discord, Reddit, and twitter. Want a safe place to talk about games our discord is it.

What do I bring to the table?
I started gaming prior to the atari 2600, back in the single game handheld days. I have built videogame mods, worked on QA and Testing, and created everything from textures to music tracks for games in my spare time. My passion is games, not the overly negative or positive society constructed around them. My driving desire has always been to elevate the discussion about games from start to finish

Constant Audience Interaction:
Whether I am making a review, discussing the technical aspects of a game in layman terms in my "Walking the Walk" videos, or answering gamers questions about the industry in my Video series "Why?", I am constantly striving to elevate the discussion past the polarized sides of "this sucks" and "this is awesome."

Want to Know More?
This is my content so far:

By becoming a patron you will be helping the channel, helping me cover the industry.

So thanks for stopping by and regardless if you back me or not I appreciate your support!

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