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  • Access to extra "non-content" alternate takes, bloopers, and unused never before seen AJS Footage 
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  • Access to extra "non-content" alternate takes, bloopers, and unused never before seen AJS Footage 
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About AngryJoeShow

Who we are and what we do!

For nearly twelve years now The Angry Joe Show has been ranting, raving about, and reviewing every facet of the gaming industry! It's been an incredible ride and we love bringing you the most thorough and honest content available on YouTube. Though with recent changes in online advertising and rampant demonetization on Youtube we need your help to bring the same 'quality' content that you've known and loved for more than a decade.

Nothing is going to stop us from making the content we've dedicated our lives to create, though with a little help from fans who wish to support us, we can do so without external pressures to censor ourselves, tone down our reviews, or bow to Corporate Commander.

All of the content you're used to will still be available absolutely free of charge. We don't believe in gating the essential content that you've come to know from us. That means that all of our core shows; Angry Reviews, Movie Reviews, AJS News Episodes, Angry Rants, Trailer Reactions, TV Series Reviews, Rapid Fire Reviews, Lets Plays, Game Design Videos, Top Lists, Extended Discussions, etc. will ALWAYS be FREE of CHARGE and will not change at all!

What we can offer those who wish to support the Show is basically some extra bits of footage that usually gets cut out in editing, stuff like bloopers, alternate takes, or silly ideas that weren't used from the main videos... basically non-content that's left over and that we've got lying around on our hard drives accumulated from 12 years of video editing!

Setting Expectations
It's always good to set expectations up front so lets do that now! This way there's no miscommunication about what this is or what it isn't!

What is this?
  • Primarily a way to directly support The AngryJoeShow's ability to continue to make videos in the exact same way we've made them before, while giving room to add new and additional content!
  • If your just happy to know that you are directly making it possible for us to do our thing without expectations of getting a whole bunch of "exclusives" or "favors" in return, then this is your thing!
  • Whats listed in your Tier Membership thingy!

Yes, I'm down with that, but just so I know, what can I expect for my Membership & how frequently?

  • Let's set expectations to a Once a Month Big Content Drop here on our Patreon, this will be access to our Monthly Q&A and a Showoff Reel of all the non-content we've produced over that month, or in our vaults (unused bloopers, alternate takes, silly stuff, etc)

Is this a way for me to get Joe to Angry Review a Specific Game I want?

  • No. Though if you were backing at the Dark Lord or Master of Coin Level i'd be crazy not to at least attempt to steer our production in that direction, but absolutely no promises - I don't do very well creatively when forced into something I've found over the years. Bare minimum in our History we've done about 1 review a month sometimes more, so its difficult to choose the correct game and I need complete creative control over this ultimately.
  • This Patreon also does NOT guarantee we will do a hundred thousand more Angry Reviews a month. In case you were wondering here is the Review Counts for Angry Reviews we've managed over these past years so you can see what to expect about. Also I was miserable and near burn out when outputting 2012/13 numbers, so know that frequency was a rough time:
    • 2009 - 12
    • 2010 - 13
    • 2011 - 17
    • 2012 - 23
    • 2013 - 19
    • 2014 - 12
    • 2015 - 14
    • 2016 - 19
    • 2017 - 19
    • 2018 - 12
    • 2019 - 15

Is this a way for me to Guarantee I play Video Games directly with AngryJoe, OtherJoe, Alex or Delrith?

  • No. Unfortunately our high demands from our schedule make this nearly impossible for AngryJoe and most of the other crew. That's not to say its completely outside of the realm of possibility on a good day of streaming if we learn who you are regularly in our events, chats, Q&A's etc, but please, please, please don't expect this or get upset if we aren't inviting specific people to play in our sessions when we are reviewing, previewing or just generally streaming!

So that's it! I can always add more to this section as we get more and more questions (or move it to an official FAQ section if they have that here somewhere!)

Thank you guys so much for considering becoming an Angry Army Supporting Member!
-AngryJoe & The AJS Team

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