Angus McMahan is creating assemblages of symbolical scratcherings

What's New? (Hot off the cerebral griddle)

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Book Looks (Views from the Muse)

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  • Wherever I am at in whichever book I am currently constructing
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Blast from the past (Squirm-inducing moments ahead)

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  • Each Month a post from a previous, now defunct blog
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It came from the filing cabinet.....(tangents and dead-ends)

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  • All of the other wordsmithy things that I have tried my hand at over the decades
  • Poetry, sports reporting, search-a-word puzzles, editorials, video game reviews, and whatever else I...

The Gentleman of Leisure Reports

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  • Monthly summary of my personal diary of musings and observations
  • Inspired by my 22 months of unemployment and the 369 Facebook posts I posted almost daily during that time.
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You are the bestest person who has ever lived

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