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About Ania Onion Bula

Hi There! 

And thank you for joining me here on my lovely re-furbished patreon page. 

Who am I? 

My name is Ania Onion. I'm the founder and one of the writers for 'Splain You a Thing blog as well as the author of Young, Sick, and Invisible

I write about a variety of social issues, often through the lens of my own experiences. I try to translate some of the hard to explain realities of living with long term chronic illnesses and disabilities into something that can be more readily understood by people outside of those realities. Through introspection and frequent study, I also try to explore and explain some of the ways in which social ableism puts as at risk, and even explain to myself why sometimes we do the things we do.  

I also write all sorts of Fantasy and Speculative Fiction. 

On the blog, I am working my way through a serial story about Baba Yaga's School for Abandoned Girls, in which four enterprising young witches in training, set off to rescue their dear Babcia Yaga. They encounter all sorts of magical creatures and secret worlds along the way, as for once, the witches are the heroes. 

I also released some of the first chapters of the first draft of my book Hunting Blackbirds: part one of a trilogy that will explore a society where people's oppression is literally tattooed on their skin. The story follows Thrush, a young daughter of Eve, as she discovers just what kind of society she lives in all while joining the Blood Hunt to rescue her best friend. 

In addition to writing, I also spend my time making art, both with painting and woodworking. 
I also devote a fair bit of my time to cooking, and love to regularly post recipes as I work on a cookbook, which I hope to be able to release soon. 

Living on disability has forced me to learn a variety of DIY skills. When I can't afford to buy something, my only choice is making it. As I teach myself various different skills by working on different projects, I like to share what I've learned with others. 

This upcoming new year (2020) I embark on a new journey, in an attempt to fulfill a long time dream. I will be moving across the country and starting school all over again, this time studying Agriculture. Determined to finally find my little plot of land that I can use to grow food and raise animals, I will be working hard to gain any bit of learning I can. As part of the Diploma, I will have to apprentice on a working farm - an interesting circumstance for someone who only a few years ago, could barely walk across the street without excruciating pain. It will be a whole new adventure as I explore the West Coast, the wilds of British Columbia, and the dream of finally finding a home and getting Fairy Tail Grove off the ground.  

This Patreon, is a big part of that journey. 

Moving cross country can be scary at the best of times, but while on disability it can be absolutely terrifying. This patreon will help me continue creating works of writing and art as I study, and make sure I can still afford silly things like my medication and food.  

I am joined by my lovely dog CJ, and my silly quail birds. 

Join us on this adventure won't you? 

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