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I'm a man who loves anime. I love it so much in fact that I hate wasting my time on generic, substandard crap, but there are about 140 new anime produced every year. That's about 820 hours of potential entertainment, but only about 16% of it is even worth looking at.  

Sure, you can try to go it alone, but at some point, don't you get tired of playing guessing games on Crunchyroll? Haven't you been misled enough by hipsters and hype-train enthusiasts? Aren't you sick of your one friend telling you how, "No no. This reverse-harem/battle girl/slice-of-life comedy/grimdark mecha anime is good. It's different, you just need to give it 8 episodes to get better," only to have it never actually get better?  

Leveraging years of anime viewing experience and knowledge of anime industry trends, I can save you hours upon hours of wasted time by separating the cream from the crap.  In Anime Elimination, each new anime has three episodes to impress and using that opening arc, I can extrapolate the direction of any given show's plot in addition to determining the quality of its visuals, writing, pacing, and animation. What you get is a clear and honest recommendation in the form of a pass or fail rating. No IGN 8.4's or wishy-washy "but fans of garbage may like this show" nonsense, no wannabe MST3k riffing, and no angry critic routine. What matters is the show's plot, it's notable strengths and flaws, and the pass/fail verdict. Also, when it's useful, I'll discuss a given series in relation to the bigger picture of a genre, animation studio, or director.

Some amount of Anime Elimination is going to get made no matter what, after all it's my passion, but I only have so much time to devote to this project. Your contributions will not only enable me to produce more episodes every month, but also to improve the quality of each new episode and start producing longer-form anime reviews.
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2006 was a seminal year in anime and many of the shows that made their debut here would leave their mark on anime for better or worse. This was the year that brought us Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Fate/Stay Night, Gintama, Higurashi, and Code Geass. At this milestone, I’ll do an Anime Elimination-style coverage of the 2006 year.
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