Fino is creating Anime Elimination

$1 /mo
Credited Donation:
Have your name at the end of every video.

$2 /mo
Choose-Your-Own Ultimate Anime Elimination:
You can pick any one show for Ultimate Anime Elimination (so long as it doesn't violate the eligibility rules) and i...

$5 /mo
Choose-Your-Own Full Review:
I will cover one anime of your choosing in its entirety with a full review.
Caveat: Sequels to shows I haven't covered and anime longer ...

$10 /mo
Anime Elimination Second Chance: 
Didn't think I gave your show of choice a fair shot?  Well, at this tier, you can name any one anime that previously failed Anime Elimination a...

$100 /mo
VIP Treatment:
You will receive all lower tier perks but on a recurring basis, meaning every two months you can choose one Ultimate Anime Elimination, Second Chance, and Full Re...