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About Anne Reburn

I’m Anne, just a small town girl living in a lonely (and expensive) world. I’m a musician and YouTuber and I’m using Patreon to help me live my dream.

I'm asking you to join me as I make covers & vlogs and as I work on longer-term original music projects. The money I get from Patreon will keep me from having to work a full-time “real job” so I have more time to dedicate to videos, and, if there’s enough to go around, help me buy gear and hire people to make my videos look and sound even better.

Most covers on YouTube get recognized as copyrighted content (as they should be!), meaning I usually share my revenue with YouTube and the original creator. On Spotify and iTunes, I make about a penny for every 3 streams-- then I split that penny with a team of people. Bandcamp gives me about 73 cents on the dollar for the covers I sell there. These things alone don't pay the bills, but with the help of my patrons here, I'll be able to both pay the bills and make investments to improve the quality of my content. 

I appreciate anything and everything. I know not everyone is able to give money, but even your simple views on my videos are helpful, and honestly, very flattering. I can’t think about it too much or I’ll cry! Thank you for coming this far with me-- now let's do something even bigger.

Here's a list of some of the things I've been able to do thanks to Patreon: 
・Maintain a PO Box
Buy small percussion instruments that I can play in my videos (less MIDI drums!)
Video equipment upgrades: lights, color gels, lens filters, spare batteries and chargers 
・Merch! I got tees, sweatshirts, guitar picks, and stickers printed, and pay the monthly fee to keep my web store open 
・Finance my first official music video, "Happy Birthday" 
Pay to have some of my songs professionally mixed
・Pay for help shooting some of my "big" videos

Here are some more things I would like to do with money from Patreon:
Continue to have my songs professionally mixed and mastered
・Continue to have help shooting videos, both covers and originals  
・Pay for studio time to record original music
Pay percussionists and other musicians to help make my backing tracks sound great
・Pay photographers
・Audio equipment upgrades: preamps, pedals, rack mount components, acoustic treatment for my home studio
・Video equipment upgrades: a new camera, more lights, gear to make vlogging easier both in and outside the house 
$1,300 - reached! per month
Whoa! I'm not expecting to get this far, but with this much money I could pay my rent and bills with Patreon. That means the money from YouTube and my real part time job could go straight to music and video stuff! (Okay, and food too.) This would be amazing, a huge weight off my chest.
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